Limitless Life – A Review

20140131_102449Everyone goes through life and has labels put on them. Some of these labels are given to ourselves by ourselves. Other labels are learned or picked up through the relationships we have with family and friends.

The problem with these labels are that most of them are detrimental to our well-being. These labels are negative and do more to hurt us then to help us.

We unintentionally allow these labels to define us. We wrestle with not letting the labels control us or influence the way we live and make decisions but we either lose or give up in the struggle.

Derwin Gray does a phenomenal job at showing us through Limitless Life that these labels trap us. They cause our world to implode leaving us surrounded and swallowed up by self-condemnation, judgment, shame, and guilt.

These labels can leave scars that mark us. Labels such as: addict, afraid, failure, purposeless, orphan, damaged goods, and mess are what we tend to relate to when we allow our past to define us.

Gray works to show us in each chapter that we are more than our past. He compares the labels that we allow to define us with the labels that God wants to adorn us with. God doesn’t want us to stay locked into those damaging labels. God wants to change our labels.

Because Jesus came, we now have the opportunity as followers of Jesus to see ourselves the way God sees us. When you see things the way God sees them, you begin to see from a different perspective.

Limitless Life tells us that there will be seasons of pain that we must deal with. This pain or hurt is because Jesus must do work in us. Jesus wants to rip and remove the old labels that have attached themselves and sewn themselves into the very fabric of our identity and being.

Jesus wants to not just remove the labels but wants us to know that He is our label. We are not defined by labels. We are defined by and find our identity in who Jesus says we are.

When you see that Jesus is your everything and Jesus is enough, when you are ready to embrace how Jesus sees you and start to see yourself the way Jesus sees you, you are ready to begin living a Limitless Life.