The Sacrifice I Am Not Willing To Make

525344_10152153052896944_1191052778_nI love the bride of Christ. More specifically, I love the church that God has called me to plant. I love the city that FaithPoint is in and I love the people.

Being a church planter is the calling that God has placed on my life. I pray that more churches are planted throughout the state of Georgia, the United States and the world.

I love being in ministry. I have to focus, I am challenged, I have to work and hustle to get things accomplished, I have to give more time and effort to things than I have in the past. I enjoy building new relationships and pouring into people. I don’t mind making sacrifices for the kingdom of God.

I have worked for government contractors, grocery stores, a few restaurants and a car dealership. I have worked harder as a church planting pastor than I have ever worked before. I believe that God used those jobs to prepare me for being the church planting pastor that He created me to be.

However, while I am willing to pour my life out to make disciples and further the gospel work in my city and state, there is one sacrifice I am not willing to make.

Before he died, I remember having a conversation with a pastor that told me that his biggest regret was not spending more time with his family.

I don’t want to have any regrets.

I will not sacrifice my family on the altar of ministry. I believe that as a pastor and more importantly a man, that my priorities are given to me in Scripture.

My priorities are:

  • God
  • My wife
  • My boys
  • FaithPoint Community Church

Everything else in my life comes after that.

My relationship with my wife is vital in my life. She is my best friend, she encourages me daily, and she is woman whom I cherish and treasure. God gave her to me. Our marriage is to be a reflection of the gospel. I cannot do that if I do not love and spend time with my wife. There are times that we just need to take off for a few days and we regularly take trips on our anniversary to spend time with each other. I love trips with my wife. I want the greatest relationship in my life to be the one that I have cultivated with my wife.

My relationship with my boys is important. I am their dad and they are my little buddies. However, I am not willing to sacrifice them for ministry either. I don’t want to miss important events in their lives. I don’t want to miss them growing up or their first day of school. I want to work with my lovely wife to train them up and to teach them what the Bible says. I want my boys to grow up to be gospel centered men who love Jesus, their wives, and their kids. I do not want my kids to grow up to hate the church because I spent more time doing things with and for the church than I did with them.

When I stand before Jesus, He is not going to hold me accountable for how many churches FaithPoint planted. He is not going to hold me accountable for how big or small those churches are. I do believe that Jesus will hold me accountable for how many disciples I made.

I want my wife and my boys to be the greatest disciples that I made. I believe as a husband and a daddy, my greatest work is to disciple my wife and boys to love Jesus and make other disciples. That is how I want to honor Jesus as a husband and a daddy.


This is incredible! I want every man to know this. Thank babe