Notes for FaithPoint

FaithPoint Logo 1The text for this sermon comes from Genesis 24. We pick up the story in verse 15.

What we are going to see over the course of this chapter is how God divinely orchestrated all of these events so that they all came together just the way that He had planned.

Genesis 24:15-67

Let’s take a look at Issac. Scripture says that Issac was finished working for the day and went out to the fields to meditate. Some theologians believe he went out to the fields to spend time with God in prayer. I would agree.

We see that Genesis gives us a look into Issac’s priorities. Issac’s priorities are an example for a man to follow. A man’s priorities should be in this order:

  • God
  • Family – wife and kids
  • Job

At this particular point in Scripture when Issac is out meditating in the fields, he has not yet met Rebecca or taken her to be his wife. Abraham is his only family right now. So, Issac is taking care of and providing for his father.

Issac did not go looking for a wife. He didn’t go to the club. He didn’t have a friend hook him up. He was not searching for his soul mate on site.

God knew that Issac needed a wife and when Issac was doing what he was supposed to be doing, God brought him Rebecca.

God provided a wife for Issac. In what ways has God provided for us? says this about providence:

– the foreseeing care and guidance of God over the creatures of the earth

– God directing the universe and the affairs of humankind with wise benevolence

How does God provide for us?

We have to see ourselves the way God sees us. You are who God says you are whether you like it or not.

Everything that is not sin is a gift.

We don’t see how God provides because we are too busy focusing on what we do not have.

Matthew 6:25-34

The key to this section of verses is the fact that Jesus says in verse 25, “Do not be anxious for your life.”

We have a hard time obeying this one.

Jesus says do not be anxious for your life because fear and worry is sin. Fear and worry mean that you do not trust your Heavenly Father.

Bryson and Luke do not worry about not eating. They do not worry about what they are going to wear. They do not worry about what toys they are going to play with or where they are going to sleep at night. They already trust that Daddy and Mommy are going to take care of them.

We need to change our perspective. Having a gospel centered perspective helps us not take things for granted.

Seeing our Heavenly Father as generous helps us to see His gifts as gifts. Selfishness is put to death. Greed is put to death. Selfishness and greed exist when you take what belongs to your Daddy and call it yours.

God provided a safe journey, a place to rest, food and success for the servant. God provided a wife for Issac. God provides for us everyday. We just need to open our eyes to see it.

Jesus said that we need to focus on seeking the kingdom of God first and His righteousness. The more we do that, the more we become obedient. The more we become obedient, the more that we see God as our Daddy and our Daddy wants us to see Him as our provider and that He loves us, wants to take care of us and see us conform more to the image of Jesus.