Rethink – Stewardship

FaithPoint Logo 1What do you think about when you hear the word stewardship?

I know many people whose mind automatically shifts to money and finances when they hear anything closely related to stewardship. Here is the problem with thinking that stewardship ONLY relates to money.

Being a good steward is not just about money. It is about your whole life.

Think about it this way: You are told that you have an important business decision that you need to tend to. The business decision must be made in the company of others and the meeting location is on the other side of the country. It is possible that you will be gone for as long as it takes for this business decision to be made.

You now entrust the dealings of your household to your steward. Your steward is the manager of your estate. Your steward has the ability as the manager of your estate to make decisions that directly affect the estate. They are responsible for hiring contractors to do additions, modifications or repairs. They make decisions on who takes care of the property. They make decisions on who drives and services the vehicles. They make decisions on who cleans the estate and who services the pool. The steward is even responsible for paying the bills associated with the estate. The steward must manage the estate well or when the owner comes back, the steward might find himself/herself out of a job.

What does that have to do with anything?

Jesus saved you. Jesus allows the Holy Spirit to live in and guide and lead you. Your life is the estate. You are the steward. Jesus is the owner. How well do you manage your life?

Thinking that stewardship is only about finances can be detrimental. You can be great at managing finances. You might be able to balance your accounts and investments as well as a CPA. You can have a great financial portfolio but:

  • Your marriage is in jeopardy
  • Your kids are constantly disobedient and they disrespect you and your wife
  • Your doctor told you to lose weight or you have a great chance of being on blood pressure medicine and likely become a Type 2 diabetic.

Great. You can balance your checkbook. Awesome.

Who does your wife turn to when she needs someone to talk to?

Who are your kids friends?

When is the last time you actually went to the doctor to have a checkup?

Over the course of the next few posts, we will investigate the concept of stewardship and look a little closer how it applies to our whole lives and not just our finances.

It might be time to set some intentional boundaries and perform some intentional maintenance. The keyword being intentional.

This will be an area that we will be able to honor God with. We are not going to just be good stewards of our finances but we are going to be good stewards over our whole lives. We want to honor God by managing well everything that He has given us.

Look for part 2 of Rethink – Stewardship on Tuesday.