Rethink – Stewardship Part 2

FaithPoint Logo 1We discovered last week that stewardship has a lot more to do with your life than it does with your money only. Keeping that in mind, we want to investigate an area that we do not normally like to talk about. How well are you stewarding your health?

This is a problem area for me.

I have written many times that I would like to quit drinking sodas and I would like to lose some weight. I have found some success with Hydroxycut and the Four-Hour Body book.

Stewarding your health is more than just weight loss.

I recently wrote about my mom being diagnosed with cancer. She is also malnourished from improper nutrition habits and she is a type 2 diabetic. Taking that into consideration, you may guess that I have decided to make certain choices.

I do believe that being a good steward of your health is first and foremost a result of wanting to glorify God in all things. So, how do you manage your health well.

I believe that managing your health well starts with becoming more knowledgeable about what you put into your body.

When God breathed life into our bodies, I don’t believe that He intended for anyone that He created to be obese. Furthermore, it is difficult for a disciple of Christ to be the hands and feet of Christ if they have too much extra baggage to carry along.

It is hard to serve where God wants you to serve if everything you do makes you tired. Maybe my headaches and my high blood pressure are not inevitable but they are a result of me making bad choices of what I put into my body.

Stewarding your health well comes down to self-control. It is a discipline, and like any discipline, it is going to take work to get your body disciplined.

Moderation is key.

Maybe it is time to cut out the Oreos, the Cheetos, and the Cap’n Crunch. Maybe it is time to cut out or cut back on sodas. Maybe you need to increase your fruit and vegetable intake. Maybe more chicken and less bacon. It will take some time to know what works for you and what does not.

I know it is time for me to make better choices.

What about you? How do you steward your health well?