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FaithPoint Logo 1We start a new series today called Build Your Kingdom Here. This is the first message in the series.

The title of this sermon is Unashamed.

Our text for this sermon comes from Acts 1:8, Acts 8:4, and Romans 1:16.

The Bible makes it explicitly clear that Jesus holds (without apology) the title of King of kings and Lord of lords.

What does that even mean?

Daniel 7:13-14, 27

For Daniel to say that there is one who comes with the clouds is a clear indication of divine authority.

The Ancient of Days is a name for God describing his eternality. Jesus is the son of man.

Jesus is given dominion and glory and a kingdom. All peoples, nations, and languages should serve him. It has to be Jesus. No created human being would have the right to rule the entire world forever. Jesus claims he will fulfill this role in Mark 14. We see this ultimately fulfilled in Revelation 19 when Jesus comes at the end of the age to judge and rule the nations.


Jesus is King:

  • Our Shepherd is King

  • Our Provider is King

  • Our Protector is King

  • Our Sustainer is King

  • Our Creator is King

  • Our Savior is King


We will discuss more about the Kingdom of God in the coming weeks.


Jesus is King. We want to see Kingdom work done all over the world. How does that get accomplished?

Acts 1:8

Acts 8:4

A King needs servants the same way a shepherd needs sheep. Jesus is not a president, a CEO, a prime minister, or a totalitarian dictator. Jesus is a King. A king illustrates so beautifully the shepherd/sheep model of leadership. The way a king leads is very much like a shepherd that leads his sheep.

A King needs servants. Jesus calls us His disciples. You can say you are a follower/believer/christian/disciple or whatever you want to call yourself, all of these words mean the same thing,  but there is one huge qualification.

A disciple imitates their leader. They believe in their leader. They believe in the message of the leader so much so that they are willing to not only spread the message but die for it. Their passion and zeal for life itself pales in comparison to the passion they have for their leader and his message.

What does this mean?

It means a lot of people in churches carry the wrong label.

A lot of people in churches like Jesus. They like his preachers, they like his songs, they like his book for the most part. They have little to no desire to be ruled by him or spread his message.

They are not followers. They are fans.

If the Falcons ever had another shot at going back to the Super Bowl. You would see people start buying jerseys and T-shirts, posting pictures and comments on Twitter and Facebook. Some people would actually start watching the games and maybe even buy tickets. However, when the team is not Super Bowl material, these people are no where to be found. They are fairweather fans. We like the team when they are good but not so much when they are not winning.

People do the same thing with Jesus.

They jump on the bandwagon because they like his movies or because he said something nice in his book. They disregard anything he says about taking up their cross, renouncing everything in the universe, or worshipping him alone. They are fans.

Jesus doesn’t want fans. He wants disciples!

Romans 1:16

God’s primary means for communicating the gospel across the world is by sending the church.





Your boldness and confidence comes from Jesus Christ.

Being unashamed of the gospel does not mean that you are unashamed to know the gospel. A lot of people know the gospel. Being unashamed of the gospel means that you are not afraid to speak it, share it, and live it out.

Where you work, shop, eat, play, that is your mission field. God has placed you in the job where you work, the city you live in, the people that are your family and friends for his purposes.

Can you imagine for a second…. what if God wants to use you to accomplish more than just earning a paycheck?

Do you know God’s primary means to stop sex trafficking? You. The local church.

Do you know how God wants to eradicate poverty? You. The local church. Why?

You – disciple are the hands and feet of Christ. The local church is the hands and feet of Christ here to help, serve, and influence this city.

However, your actions, the stopping of sex trafficking, the eradication of poverty, mean nothing if people never come to know Jesus.

The message of the gospel is more important in the eradication of poverty. Are you tracking with me?

Nothing that we do will ever be more important than the communication of the message. The gospel is more important than serving homeless people. The gospel is more important than giving clothes and backpacks to the children.

What we as FaithPoint should want to see happen is that by sharing and living out the gospel message, the gospel compels us to want to see the eradication of poverty and homelessness. The gospel should compel us to want to see sex trafficking end. All through God using us to communicate and share the gospel, we are praying that lost people will come to know Jesus because we know that God is not finished working in this city yet.

You have to decide if you are a fan or a follower.

Jesus wants followers not fans.

My heart is that you will ask God to provoke in you a spirit that will ignite your passions and zeal and incline them to be about Jesus.

A church on fire that understands that Jesus is the reason for everything they do is a church that is focused. God can use them to accomplish great things for his glory.

We want to see Jesus’ kingdom come. We want to see kingdom work being accomplished all over the world.

We want to be used by God to accomplish his purposes.



jimmyproulx moderator

We had a podcast but the quality was not great. We do have some videos on YouTube. I am looking at getting a GoPro camera to start recording messages again. 


Do you record your messages? Wondering if they could be heard anywhere online.