Notes for FaithPoint

FaithPoint Logo 1This is the second sermon in our Build Your Kingdom Here series. The title of this sermon is: The enemies of the Kingdom.

Our text for this sermon comes from 1 Peter 5:6-9.

Every kingdom has enemies. In any good story. One king wants to conquer another kingdom. So, he gathers his elders, counselors, and so on and they discuss whether or not they have the men and weapons to take a rival kingdom. When it is decided that they do, the king and his army develop a strategy to overtake the kingdom.

The Kingdom of God is no different. Jesus said, that the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence. Matthew 11:12

This is battle talk. One kingdom fighting against and violently attacking another kingdom. This battle that Jesus is talking about is the kingdom of heaven fighting against the kingdom of darkness.

The kingdom of darkness wants to overtake and overthrow the kingdom of heaven. However, there are no castles, there are no swords. In fact, the devil and the demons know that they are not going to win. How then does the kingdom of darkness violently fight back against the kingdom of heaven?

Paul writes in Ephesians 6:12 that our fight is not with other people made of flesh and blood but against things not of this world – the kingdom of darkness.

The kingdom of darkness wants to take out the army of God. Every disciple of Jesus is fair game. They want to crush you. They want to immobilize you. They want to kill you or at least hurt you bad enough that you quit doing ministry, and making disciples. In other words, the more they can get you to be disobedient to Jesus, the more they succeed.

1 Peter 5:6-9

Peter tells us to be submissive to God, not to think too highly of ourselves and to know our place. We are not God.

We are also to think clearly and always be paying attention. We are to be on guard always looking for signs of the enemy. Why? Peter answers that in the second part of verse 8.

“Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

If you are a Christian, you have an enemy. The devil. Satan. You used to be friends with him then Jesus stepped in and redeemed you. Now you are a friend of God, a child of God, and Jesus is your big brother and the Holy Spirit is your guide and helps you conform more to the image of Jesus. The devil hates that. Because you are now eternally secure in the hands of Jesus, he is your ultimate enemy. So, because he hates the person, work and name of Jesus, he seeks to bring down and destroy the disciples of Jesus.

  • He likes to destroy marriages and families

  • He likes to tempt you in the areas that you are weakest

  • He likes to twist Scripture and make you think it is true

  • He likes to deliver lies and have you believe the lies as truth

No one is out of the reach of being attacked. Look at our culture. Divorce is running rampant in the church. People that call themselves Christians have sex outside of marriage, think homosexuality is somewhat ok, think marijuana should be legal and they still go to church. Pastors are failing because of addictions to porn or adultery. Some churches have people that will steal from the tithes and offerings before they even reach the bank. Churches have now started adding security to protect the pastor, and especially women and children from people that will walk in off the street and shoot up the place or shoot the pastor.

The devil knows that he can’t stop the message. He just does the next best thing. He takes out the messengers.

Peter compares the devil to a lion. Have you ever thought about that?

  • A lion weighs on average 500 pounds.

  • A lion is a master of camouflage. It is likely you will never see it coming.

  • A lion is both strategic and efficient. It will take down, kill and eat it’s prey using the least amount of energy as possible.

  • A lion has fast twitch muscle fibers good for giving it short bursts of speed or leaping high off the ground.

  • A lion is an ambush hunter.

  • A lion has the ability to take down zebras, giraffes, llamas, deer and other animals when they least expect it.

  • A lion is not afraid to hunt with other lions in it’s pride.

  • A lion is incredibly patient. It will wait for the most opportune time for it to strike.

  • The claws on a lion’s paw are sharper than fish hooks. When the claws grab the prey, they latch on. If the lion catches you, you are dead.

  • A lion’s tongue is so rough that just by licking, they can remove the fur and skin of their prey.

  • A lion’s teeth are so sharp that they can clean a carcass in a matter of minutes.

  • A lion needs 15 pounds of food a day to survive. It can eat up to 65 pounds of meat at one time.

  • A lion will eat everything. Meat, face, eyes, brain, the heart and other organs and sometimes bone. When the lion is done eating, it’s prey is no longer recognizable as an animal.

Peter tells us in verse 9 how to handle this lion: Resist him, firm in the faith. The suffering and persecution that you will experience is being experienced by your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ across the world.

Firm in the faith: You must be obedient to Jesus and follow him. You must obey him as Shepherd, worship him as Savior and serve him as King.

Sin is like bombs, land mines, grenades and traps set for you by your enemy.

The Bible is your M16! Fully automatic. Fires up to 950 rounds a minute and is accurate up to 800 meters.

When you come across sin in your life, when you are confronted with it, when you are convicted of it, take it outside to the street and put a couple of bullets in it.

The Bible is your only weapon. You need to know it, breathe it, live it, it needs to invade your soul and permeate every part of you until it comes out of you.

The Holy Spirit is your guide to conforming to the image of Jesus. The Holy Spirit will always point you to Jesus and Jesus alone.

However, you are not alone. You have a church.

FaithPoint uses the metaphor air war/ground war to describe the ministries to reach out, equip, develop, train and send.

The air war is:

  • preaching and sermons

  • our Facebook page

  • our blog

  • our YouTube channel

Anything that we can do get out and share solid Bible teaching and point people to Jesus is part of the air war. In the future this will include:

  • events

  • conferences

  • books

  • websites or phone apps (we are looking at both)

The ground war is our gospel-centered face to face ministry:

  • Our members – you are the frontline infantry

  • Community groups – life on life and living out the gospel together

  • Any type of hands and feet project that we do. We want to serve others well and also share the gospel with them so they have the opportunity to meet Jesus.

  • elders/deacons/community group leaders

Your enemy is very much real. Be relentless in your passionate pursuit of Jesus.

Jesus wants all of you and he does not apologize for that. He knows that he is Lord over your eternal life. He wants to be Lord over this life as well. He wants you to be so passionately devoted to him that there is no end to what he can use you to accomplish.

Let Jesus be the reason you wake up.

Let Jesus be the reason you breathe.

Let Jesus be your everything.