The Power of No

Pic from Flickr by Lynn Kelley Author

Pic from Flickr by Lynn Kelley Author

Have you ever thought that one little word could be so powerful? Ultimately, this means when you say yes to one thing, you are saying no to something else.

When you become known for saying yes to everything, you become known for saying no to nothing. Do you see the problem?

Being able to say no can keep you on track and out of trouble. It’s easier to say no now, than to say yes and have to reclarify vision or try to steer the ship back on track later.

There are lots of people that have good ideas and they are genuinely good ideas, but those ideas do not fit in the vision that God has given you. What do you do?

You say no.

No, has the ability to keep the church on track. No, keeps the church focused on what is important. God gave you the vision, he did not give it to everyone in the church. It is your job to communicate the vision, and point the church in the direction that God is leading you.

Part of being a leader is standing by your decisions. Saying, no to some things is bound to ruffle some feathers. Not everyone will take being told no well. That’s perfectly fine.

Your job is to make disciples and to lead a church out of average into the abundant life that God says we have. You are teaching the church what it means to conform to the image of Jesus, to improve and learn how to be better disciples and then teach others how to be disciples.

God has specific work that he wants your church to accomplish. You cannot do that if you are off track. Being off track is being off focus. Being off focus is being off mission.

A leader has to follow God to lead well.

A leader must be following so close to God that he understands when God speaks. You want to be obedient to God and follow closely where he is leading you.

Have a clear view of the vision that God has given you.

By saying no to everything that does not fit into the vision that God has given you, that decision helps you to stay on course.

Follow God closely and listen to his whispers. He will lead you where he wants you to go. Hold tight to the vision that God gives you. Don’t let anyone hijack the vision that God has given you.