Notes for FaithPoint

FaithPoint Logo 1The title for this sermon is Build Your Kingdom Here – Seek First The Kingdom of God. This is the fourth message in the series.


Our text for this sermon comes from Matthew 6:33

The Bible never tells us to seek our kingdom. The Bible unapologetically shows us that our power is limited. Control is limited. We are not sovereign at all.

Human leadership is weak. Limited at best. It is definitely far from perfect. It does not matter if you are talking about kings, presidents, prime ministers, dictators or any office, they are all flawed. When sin entered into the world, it affected everything about human beings including leadership.

Alexander the Great is presented as being one of the greatest leaders of all time. He conquered all of the known world in his time and was still not satisfied. He had an insatiable appetite to control.

If you are a king, you are either preparing to attack before you are attacked or you are having to defend from those who would attack you.


Even in modern times, as a leader you are either proactive or reactive. No decision is perfect. There are always meetings for planning and strategy. You always have to be ready for the worst case scenario.


The stronger you are, the better chance there is that somebody else will hate you. When decisions are made out of fear and anger, mistakes are sure to be made. When you try to run a kingdom on fear or anger, you do not create servants, you create slaves.

Matthew 6:33

The kingdom of God is both universal and eternal. God is sovereign over all creatures and things.

Psalm 103:19

God’s plans are always perfect. God does not ever make mistakes.

Job 42:2

Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness – We are to seek/pursue the Creator of the universe, the sovereign God, our Shepherd, our King. We want to love like Christ and love the things that he loves. We want to have compassion like Christ and have compassion for the things he has compassion for.

Matthew 5:6

When you eat, you are only satisfied temporarily. When you eat, you are hungry a few hours later. When you eat a really big meal, you may not be hungry for the rest of that day but you will be hungry the next day. Just as you need food to live. Your spirit needs to feed on the Scripture.

Be hungry – you can never over-indulge on God’s Word. By seeking the righteousness of God, you are wanting to see God’s kingdom established here. You want to see the gospel go out. You want to see lives being changed. You want to see people experience God’s love, grace and mercy. You want to see them cross over from death to life so that they are rescued from having to experience the wrath of God. You also want to see:

  • Abortion stopped

  • Poverty eradicated

  • Sex trafficking ceased

  • Porn destroyed

  • Addictions healed

The righteous live by faith. Living by faith means that you actively live out what you say you believe. Living by faith is an intentional way of living.

John 14:12

Ephesians 2:10

Ephesians 4:12

There is work that God has called you to do. By seeking first God’s kingdom, you are also seeking where you can serve in God’s kingdom. That is why God wants you connected to a gospel – driven church. There you can be taught, coached, mentored, on what a disciple looks like.

God created you for work that he perfectly designed for you before Genesis 1:1.  He created you to get dirty.

There are works that he created you to accomplish. By doing the work that God has for you, you are progressing in sanctification, you are maturing and becoming more like Christ.

The saddest thing for a disciple would have to be see God working and know that you are not a part of it.

When you are obediently doing what God has commanded and serving others, you are being the hands and feet of Jesus.

You are helping others see the kingdom of God and want to be a part of it.