Childlike: Discipleship

I love these two little guys.

I love these two little guys.

What do you think is best for your kids?

Do you want your kids to do well in school? Go to a good college? Get a good job with good insurance and a 401K program? Why? So, they can have a piece of the stale pie that we call the American dream?

There is nothing wrong with those things if those things are not the sole focus of why you are raising your child. There has to be more to raising a child than getting a moral kid who occasionally obeys the speed limit, watches their language, and makes good grades.

I believe that God has high expectations for disciples that become parents. There is a weight, a responsibility that rests on your shoulders when God has given you children to raise.

Parenting is about faithfulness, obedience, and stewardship.

Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

This does not mean take your kids to Sunday School and VBS only and leave the spiritual leadership to the people that only get to see your kids for a couple hours a week.

What this verse means is that you are to shepherd your child’s heart well.

If you truly love your child, you will pray that Jesus redeems them and draws them to himself and puts them on the path of sanctification.

Use events in your daily life as teaching moments to point your children to Jesus. Pray with your children often and not just at mealtime. Read the Bible with them. Talk to them about how you love Jesus, how you love them but Jesus loves them far more than you ever could.

I want my boys to devour the Bible. I want them to be passionate about reading it. I want them to be passionate disciples that love Jesus and love the people in our city so much that they know that God has made placed them here for his purposes. I want my boys to see their school as their mission field and that they were sent by God to that school to share the gospel with other kids.

If we settle for less than pointing our kids to Jesus, we have failed as parents.

It is my job as a dad to point my kids to Jesus, Jesus will help them figure out what he wants them to do with their lives. I want my boys to live dangerous lives. I want them to be unashamed of the gospel wherever they go. I want them to be so on fire for Jesus that they become a threat to hell itself. Why? Because, God desires that of me.

When you stand before Jesus to be held accountable of your life, Jesus will not care about how well you pushed your kids to get good grades. He will not care about how you encouraged them to get multiple degrees. Jesus will not care if they drive a Mercedes or a Honda. Jesus will care how well you discipled them.

Men, as the leader of your family, you have the blessing, honor, and privilege to disciple your wife and kids.

God gave you your wife and kids. How well you disciple them and point them to Jesus is your gift to God.