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Pic from Flickr by hedyelyakim

Pic from Flickr by hedyelyakim

Today’s post is a guest post from Jessica Florea. Jessica is a pastor’s wife, and a mom. Jessica lives with her family in Nashville, Tennessee. Jessica writes regularly at her blog She has a heart for pastors wives and writes to share and encourage pastors wives as they serve alongside their husbands in the local church.

All Things

I didn’t exactly grow up with a childhood I would like to redo. My birth father left when I was young, for another person, and my mom remarried when I was seven years old. When you hear of wicked step mothers’ in those fairy tale stories, think in reverse. I grew up with a father who beat my mother. My brother, my mother, and I use to run on foot in the dark during the wee morning hours for a place of refuge and rescue.

Eventually, this sort of abuse took  hold on my mother’s heart. My father often used my brother and I in their arguments. He used us as a tool to hurt our mom, and ultimately it ruined all four of us for love. My mom never felt loved from her husband, my brother never felt loved from any father, and I never felt loved from my father or my mother. You see, my mother was torn between loving us more than my dad because we were first, and torn with loving my father first since he was her husband. Ultimately she failed at both because she couldn’t choose.

I could go on and on with childhood stories to help illustrate where I come from. And I am sure some of you could do the same. I often look back and wonder why I went through all of that. Where would I be today if my past would have been different? I hear stories from people about abuse, sickness, and death they have gone through and listen to their pain and questions of, why?

Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

I love this verse. Notice it said, God causes all things to work together for the good. It never said God causes all things to be good. We often misread this. Being a Pastor’s Wife, I have heard so many unbelievers and believers say, “how could God cause my mom to get cancer? How could God allow children to starve in third world countries? How could God allow sexual abuse to happen? How could God allow bad things to happen to me?”

Romans 8 never talks about God making all things good. But what it does say, is God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God. I can tell you now, there is purpose in your past and your future. What you have walked through God can use to shape you into who He wants you to be. He can also use it, for you to overcome it, and speak living truth into other peoples’ lives who are going through or have gone through what you have.

God didn’t cause sin to happen in your life. He didn’t cause rape. He never caused children to starve. He never caused your dad to abandon you. God never caused sickness. Sin entered this world long ago. We are still living in a sinful broken world, until Christ returns. Until then, allow God to heal your past, present, and future and cause the pain to work together for good.

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