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Introducing Mailbox

I have been using the Gmail app ever since it has been available on the Google Play Store. I have been interested in Mailbox for some time. The video does a good job at showing you the features of the app. Now that it is available on the Google Play Store, I synced my Gmail account to it and have been using it for the last few days.

Mailbox makes it faster to read, move, trash, archive or respond to email It only takes a swipe for most actions. There is also a timer so that if you have an email that is somewhat of a priority, you can choose to read it later, tomorrow or choose another action for it.

For now, I can officially say that Mailbox has replaced my Gmail app and become my email app of choice. It helps me because I am not overwhelmed or consumed with email.

Have you downloaded Mailbox?

What do you think of it?