Notes for FaithPoint

FaithPoint Logo 1The text for this sermon comes from Genesis 28. The title of this sermon is: In Awe of God.

Genesis 28:1-17

I love kids. If you watch carefully, you can learn a lot from kids.

I love how everything is awesome to kids. Kids are easily amazed. I love how their eyes light up as they try to process and take in the moment of amazement.

Birthday parties, Christmas, new places, first time at the movies, going from a high chair to the “big boy chair” – all of these things amaze a child.

The first time Bryson saw Transformers, his eyes lit up and he looked at me in amazement and said, “Daddy! Robots pow pow bad guys?”

For a little boy, Transformers, Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man – all those things are awesome.

However, something happens in us that as we get older, what used to be awesome is no longer awesome. What used to be amazing is no longer amazing.

In Genesis 28, we are going to explore Jacob’s encounter with God.

Issac calls out to his son Jacob. Apparently from the dialogue, it is evident that Issac had a conversation with his wife. Issac then sends Jacob to his wife’s brother, Laban to find a wife. Jacob packs his stuff and leaves the house.

Chapter 28 is mainly about Jacob. However, Moses gives us a glimpse into Esau’s life.

Esau saw (finally) that his two Hittite wives greatly disappointed his parents. So, Esau decides to go to the Ishmaelites and take a wife from there. However, he did not give up his other two wives. Esau is chasing his father’s approval. Esau thinks that if he does this, his father will love him more. This is nothing different from what we do with God.

We (like a small child) want to go to our Daddy and think that we can win his approval because of something that we did. That is not the gospel.

I love this next section of Scripture.

Jacob falls asleep and God comes to him in a dream. When he wakes up, he has no doubt that he had an encounter with God.

He is so in awe of God that he describes the place where God met with him as awesome.

When did we cease to be in awe of God?


A recent article stated that the #1 reason that Christians do not share the gospel with people is because they are no longer in awe.

No longer in awe with God.

No longer in awe of the cross.

No longer in awe of Jesus.


The grace that is sung about is no longer found to be amazing.


Why? What happened? What went wrong?

It is not that we do not understand awesome. It is just that we have taken the word and applied it to different things.


  • Burgers
  • Movies
  • Cars
  • Racecar Drivers
  • Football Players

You will share in conversation what you love. You will share what you think is awesome. I can understand a burger as something that you enjoy but awesome?

Jesus is awesome! A burger or a racecar driver has no comparison to Jesus.


We have misplaced awesome. We have lost sight of what is truly awesome. Jesus.


I believe that there is only one way to solve this.

We have to rekindle awesome.

We have to rekindle the fire, passion, devotion, go back to the place where you last truly encountered Jesus.


In Acts 4, the disciples, say that they cannot do anything but speak what they have seen and heard. They were in awe of Jesus.

Jeremiah said that if he does not talk about God, that a fire would surge through his bones. I believe that this is Jeremiah’s way of saying that if he did not talk about God that he would explode. Jeremiah was in awe of God.


To obey Jesus, we have to share the gospel and make disciples. To share the gospel, we have to love the message and the one whom the message is about.

Remember that God is your Heavenly Father. God adopted you into His family.

Jesus is your big brother.

The Holy Spirit was given to you to lead and guide you.

Jesus is your Savior, King, Shepherd.

Jesus said that his sheep would hear his voice and they would go to him when he called their name and they would follow him. He also said that he would hold them in his hands and no one could ever take them away from him.

Can you picture yourself as a sheep? Being held gently in your Shepherd’s hands. No one can take you or steal you away from your Shepherd.

Go back to a place where Jesus encountered you. Go back to where you were very much in love with your Lord and Redeemer.

It is time for the fire inside you to be reignited.

It is time to rekindle awesome.