Productivity Apps

I have been a huge fan of the Google Calendar app for awhile. It synced the calendar on my phone to my Google Calendar, it reminded me of all my events, meetings, and other important things. I did not think that I could find a better calendar app for my phone.

Until now…

Introducing Sunrise:

Sunrise is amazing compared to the Google Calendar app. It syncs not only with Google Calendar but it also syncs with Foursquare, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

It reminds you of meetings and events and you never miss a friend or contact’s birthday.

I have been using this for a couple days now. I keep finding more that I can do with it. I have not yet linked LinkedIn or Foursquare to it yet. I have only linked Facebook for now. Foursquare will probably be the next thing that I sync my new calendar app to.

I am looking forward to using Sunrise for a long time. It is the best calendar app that I have used to date and I do not see that I will use anything else anytime soon.

What productivity apps do you use to help you be more productive?