Letter to FaithPoint

FaithPoint Logo 1Last Sunday, FaithPoint celebrated three years as a faith family. My good friend and church planter consultant, Jimmy Baughcum, was kind enough to come and bring us the message that God gave him for us.

We were presented with some big numbers. There are 68,000 people that live within a ten minute drive of the hotel that we meet in. There are 7.5 million people that are lost in the state of Georgia. Those numbers can seem quite overwhelming. However, not one church will be able to reach 7.5 million people. Not one church will be able to minister to all 68,000 people. What do we do?

We were challenged to just reach one. You reach one. Then another one. Then another one. One person. That is all. You can influence and make a difference in the life of one person.

Who is your one person?

Yesterday, we started a new series in conjunction with Father’s Day next week. We are taking a look at the Psalm 1 man. This does not give women the opportunity to check out. On the contrary, this gives women a better direction on how to pray for the men in their lives.

  • Husbands
  • Sons
  • Relatives
  • Friends
  • Bosses, managers, co-workers

This is what you can expect over the next couple months.

The Psalm 1 man series kicked off yesterday. It will be a four week series. It will be followed by a series on the Proverbs 31 woman. That will also be a four week series. We will go into the fall with a series called We Are Family. That will be a series about our covenant and doctrinal statement.

Here are the notes from the first sermon in the series A Psalm 1 Man:


The text for this sermon comes from Psalm 1:1-2 The title of this sermon is Psalm 1 Man.

Dictionary.com says that Integrity is: adherence to moral and ethical principals; soundness of moral character; honesty, the state of being whole, entire, or undiminshed, incorruptible.

Our culture today has no idea what integrity is. Integrity for the most part is a lame horse waiting for the farmer to put a bullet in it.

This is not about reclaiming integrity. This is about helping men become the godly men that God created them to be.

What is a man? What defines manhood?

Certain people in our society would tell you that a man is defined by how many women he can sleep with. Other people would tell you that a man is defined by what he does for a living, how much money he makes, or the type of car that he drives.

We are not crushing or bashing men today. We want to push them towards Jesus and pray for redemption and reconciliation.


1 Corinthians 11 says, that men are the glory of God. This is huge.

We have to realize that God created men and women in His image. He created them equally but distinctively different. God created men to be men and women to be women – for His glory and our good. He designed us this way specifically to accomplish His purposes.

Psalm 1:1

Godly men do not chase after the wicked and follow their paths. They do not imitate the wicked. They want to be a light to the wicked and they want to see the wicked come to know Jesus but they do not want to be like them.

The Bible has strong language for the wicked. The wicked are called sinners, fools, cursed. Proverbs says that the words of fools invite a rod to their back. Their own words get them into trouble. The more they prove themselves to be wicked, fools, idiots, stupid…the harsher will come the words of correction.

This means that men do not seek counsel from the wicked.

If a man is struggling with pornography, he should not seek advice from the guy that is cheating on his wife.

Men need men that speak into their lives. They need men that can bring hard truth to them and not sugar coat it or be deceptive in any way. Accountability is huge in the lives of men. The problem with accountability is…

Men do not naturally want to open up about their feelings. They need their walls to come down. They need to get rid of past baggage. They need to be forgiven. However, they do not want to open up and confess their sin because they are afraid of being attacked.

Pastor James Mcdonald said that men need confidentiality and reciprocation. Men will not open up if they do not feel safe. They need to know that there is going to be confidentiality. There is a level of shame and guilt with most men when they confess sins and struggles especially if their sin is sexual. They want to know that what comes out stays in the room and it is not going to be published on Twitter and Facebook or broadcast on the 11:00 news. They will not open up unless they can trust the other people in the room.

Men need reciprocation. When they feel that the environment is safe and they feel that there is a level of trust amongst all in the room, they will open up but…they don’t want to be left hanging. They need another man to reciprocate. They need to know that they are not alone.

Popular beliefs in our culture about men are:

  • Men are animals
  • Men are perverts
  • Men are liars

Men are not defined by what our culture says that you are. You are not defined by your lusts, sins, struggles or temptations or trials. You are not defined by your education or your what you do for a living.

Men were perfectly designed by God for their good and his glory.

Men need to be challenged and pushed beyond what they think they are capable of. They need to be challenged to be the men that God has called them to be and they need to be pushed to Jesus. They need to be drowned in the grace of the gospel and it needs to flow and affect every area of their lives.

We should not be satisfied with how our culture sees, and defines manhood.

We need to take manhood back. It is time to show our culture what gospel centered manhood is like.


Pastor Jimmy.