The Art of Storytelling – A Review

2014-06-12 09.32.30The way that people learn and remember things is changing. People used to learn by listening to lectures, outlines or points that all started with the same letter. Those times are passing away.

Outlines do not grab you. Lectures do not bring you into the lecture to make you a part of it. However, a story does.

Stories provoke the imagination. Stories can preach, teach, tell a joke, be entertaining, inspiring, encouraging, challenging and drive one main overall point home. Stories can make you laugh, cry, angry, or happy.

The Art of Storytelling¬†is for everyone. Dads, Moms, managers, grandpas, supervisors, marketers, social networking gurus, pastors, Sunday School teachers, camp leaders, VBS directors, brothers, sisters, conference speakers…everyone. Why?

Everyone has a story.

Walsh does an incredible job at introducing the idea of becoming a better storyteller. No matter who you are, you would love to have people remember what you said. Just for the few minutes that you are with them, you would like to have a captivated audience. There is no better way to do that than to tell a story.

Walsh explains in his book how to become better at telling the story and how to hone or fine tune your storytelling ability.

Throughout the book, there are exercises presented to you so that you can work on becoming a better storyteller. These exercises will help you no matter if you are telling bedtime stories, reading a book, or trying to make a presentation. If you are serious about becoming a better storyteller, it is a good idea that you do not move on through the book without walking through the exercises. It will help you become better.

Walsh also explains that body language is a huge part of telling your story. Your facial expressions, posture, hand movements all play an important role in helping you share your story. You want people to feel, see, smell, taste, what you are talking about. As you tell your story, you want the people that are listening to be with you in the story.

You may be thinking that professional speaking or storytelling is a weakness that you have had a hard time of overcoming. Walsh has already taken that into consideration. He has written this book to help you turn your weakness into an area of strength.

Your story is worth sharing. Share your story in such a way that makes it unforgettable.

The Art of Storytelling is the book to help you do just that.

You can buy The Art of Storytelling here.

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