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FaithPoint Logo 1Hey FaithPoint,

Hope you are having a great weekend and you are especially excited for our Sunday morning worship gathering tomorrow morning. I cannot wait to meet with my FaithPoint family.

I wanted to thank you again for giving to Westside Elementary. They were very appreciative of the doughnuts and school supplies that we gave them. We want to support them and love them as they pour into kids in our city. We want the staff and teachers know that there is a church in Warner Robins that cares about them and wants them to fall in love with Jesus more than they love the students that go to their school.

If you noticed the title of this post, this is no longer called Letter to FaithPoint. I changed it to FaithPoint News because there is stuff in this post that you really need to know.

So, what can you expect to see coming up at FaithPoint?

  1. This is the last week of our Proverbs 31 Woman series. It has been a great time and we are excited for how the series is going to end tomorrow.
  2. Starting next week, we are going to take some sections of Scripture and we are going to spend three weeks in Scriptures that will push us to growth and maturity in Jesus.
  3. Also starting next week, our first men’s group. This group will meet at 9am at BK beside the Ramada Inn. We are going to see how this goes for the first few months and then we will decide if we need to change the time, location, or day of meeting. I am looking forward to this meeting and am expecting God to do great things in and through the men of FaithPoint.
  4. Our next series is going to be called We are Family. We are going to talk about FaithPoint and walk through the covenant and doctrinal statement so that we can all be on the same page.

Jesus said that we are supposed to have faith like a child. We are called children of God. We are supposed to have a childlike trust and faith in Jesus.

I want you to jump.

When I dress Luke on his changing table, he likes to stand up after I put his shoes on. He throws his hands up in the air and jumps off. He trusts that I will catch him. He expects that I will catch him.

Some of you need to trust Jesus and build relationships and have the conversations that you know you need to have with the people that God has strategically placed in your life. Take the jump. Invite them to church. Share the gospel with them. Do what you know God has told you to do. Live your life in obedience to God.

Some of you need a church to call home. You have been coming for quite some time and you know that Jesus has called you here. Take the jump. Join FaithPoint and be part of our FaithPoint family.

You are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that you should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

I Love Our Church!

Pastor Jimmy