7 Ways To Becoming Fit By Forty

2014-09-04 10.42.27As many of you know, I have started a journey. I am doing my best to be off of blood pressure medicine by my birthday. I have developed a strategy that I would like to share with you.

This is update one on becoming a fit pastor.

In my last post on this subject, I gave 6 Reasons Why I Want To Get Healthy. Those reasons are my motivation for becoming a healthier husband, daddy, and pastor.

Here is my strategy: 7 Ways To Becoming Fit By Forty.

  1. Drastically reducing processed foods. This includes but is not limited to cookies, chips, crackers, cereal and the like. This is a lot easier said than done. It gets real when you are eating an apple and your kids are eating Fruity Pebbles. It is alright. I have learned ways to cook the apples and other foods that make them very enjoyable. I have pictures posted on Instagram if you would like to check those out.
  2. Embracing a plant based diet. I am not going vegetarian. I am just increasing the amount of vegetables, fruits and nuts that I eat. I want the majority of my meals to be vegetables, fruits or nuts and not always meat and especially not bread.
  3. Speaking of meat, I am laying off high amounts of red meat. Red meat will be saved for special occasions and not four or five times a week. I will be eating game animals such as deer and maybe some other animals. I will also use leaner meats like chicken and turkey. However, meat will not be a part of every meal nor will it be a staple item. I am working through this. I do like eggs and I like meat but three meals a day is probably a bit much for all of that meat. I am still thinking about how and when to work meat back into my diet.
  4. Switching to whole grains. Reducing enriched white items and looking for whole, nutritious items is where this is headed. Even though bread will not be a main part of my diet, on the occasion that I do eat it, I want it to be as healthy as possible. This would include: pastas, cereals, oatmeal, brown rice, and healthier bread for sandwiches. Most likely, the main portion of bread or grain that I will be eating will be the tortilla. Tortillas are the most versatile type of bread there is. You can put anything in them and it makes for a good meal.
  5. Cutting back on dairy. Based on the documentary, Forks Over Knives, you don’t really need a lot of dairy in your diet. I am cutting back on milk, ice cream, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products. In their place, I have come to enjoy almond milk. Almond milk works really well because it comes from nuts and is not an animal byproduct. I have been using almond milk to drink, cook with, and adding to things like oatmeal. I have not yet added it to my coffee but I might soon.
  6. Drinking more water. Just to stay normally hydrated, I need about a gallon of fluids a day. I need the majority of those fluids to be water. I average about two cups of coffee in the mornings. I also drink various juices, lemonade and soft drinks. The hardest thing I have tried to do is cut back on soft drinks. I was at the point where I was drinking between three and four a day. That is not good and it did nothing for keeping my body hydrated. Water is the best thing for me and keeps me from being dehydrated. It also helps to replenish any fluids that I lost throughout the day.
  7. Hitting the road. I have a couple of friends that I try to go bike riding with on a regular basis. I have also joined a cycling group that rides once a week. I would like to increase my riding schedule to at least four or five days a week. However, even riding a couple times a week is better than not riding at all. I have gone from not exercising to riding my bike as often as I can and want to ride more. I might even break down and get a cycling jersey soon.

Do you have a goal that you are trying to reach by the end of the year? I would like to hear about it.

I will keep you updated on my progress as the weeks progress.