Living Intentionally

2014-09-06 11.10.58Webster’s online dictionary says that intention is: a determination to act in a certain way. Now, you may not know this but…your life up to this point is exactly the way that you have intended.

Perry Noble said that what you believe determines how you behave. In other words, you will never act or do something contrary to the way you believe. To act differently, you will have to believe differently.

If you are not satisfied with where you are in your life right now, it is not to late to make some changes. Different changes will yield different results.

Having good intentions are not good enough. You cannot expect anything to happen based on good intentions alone. You have to act based on the intentions or beliefs that you have made.

Start now.

Based on changing my intentions, I have started using two hashtags on my social networks. These hashtags are constant reminders of the changes that I have decided to make and the reason why I made those changes.

The hashtags are:

#fitpastor and #fitbyforty

I would like to talk to you now about #fitbyforty.

I have made some really poor choices that have resulted in where I am at in certain areas of my life.

I love my wife and I love my boys. I love the church that God has called me to lead and I love the work and writing that goes along with leading those people.

However, I came to notice that I was tired…a lot. I had extremely painful headaches. I am currently on blood pressure medicine and I attribute all of these things to the poor food choices that I was making.

I was not exercising…at all. My main diet consisted of bread, cereals, chips, fast food, and other processed foods. Why? Because they are quick and easy.

So, how does #fitbyforty fit into all of this?

I will be 40 in a little over three weeks.

I had to take a long, hard look at where I was at in my life. I came to two realizations.

  1. God called me to be a husband and daddy. I cannot lead my family well if I am fat, sick, tired and eating my way into heart disease or diabetes. I have a wife who loves and needs her husband. I have two boys that want and need their daddy. I want to grow old and enjoy my wife for as many days as God allows us to be together. I want to play with my boys, help them to learn, teach them about Jesus and watch them grow up and see where God directs their lives. I do not want to miss out on those important things.
  2. God also called me to be a pastor. I love my church. I cannot lead my church well if I am not able to get off the couch. I need to learn well to lead well. To walk in the calling that God has given me, I need to be both effective and efficient. I cannot be either if I am unhealthy which is a direct result of being unwise.

40 is my turning point. This is the year that I have decided to break out of old, bad habits and embrace new ones. I am living intentionally. I have changed the way I believe about food, family, and leadership and I am acting upon these new beliefs.

I am cycling as much as I can. I am not a runner so cycling has become my new friend. I also like cycling because when I am finished, I feel like it has helped open my imagination and creativity and I start thinking about writing and new ideas to communicate to you.

I am eating a whole foods and plant based diet. I am not a vegan or vegetarian. I am still going to eat meat but it will not be everyday or often.

I did not eat well or live well the first half of my life and I want to live intentionally the other half of my life. I believe that I can better live and serve in the calling that God has given me by understanding and working through what it will take for me to fulfill that calling.

This is what living intentionally looks like for me:

  • loving, serving, leading and discipling my wife
  • loving, serving, leading, and discipling my boys
  • loving, serving, leading and discipling FaithPoint
  • growing through reading, podcasts, conferences, and learning how to be a better husband, daddy, pastor/leader
  • learning how to be a better pastor/preacher through studying and learning from other speakers/preachers
  • growing spiritually through prayer, Bible study, and godly friends that will encourage, and hold me accountable
  • becoming a better writer so that I can help and serve you better

What does living intentionally look like for you?

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