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Howdy FaithPoint!

FaithPoint Logo 1This week, we will be in week 5 of our series I LOVE MY CHURCH!

I wanted to do a recap of what we have been studying so far in our series together.

Week one: I LOVE MY CHURCH because of Jesus and what Jesus has done.

Week two: I LOVE MY CHURCH because a church is a place where spiritual growth takes place.

Week three: I LOVE MY CHURCH because repentance in a church leads to revival.

Week four: I LOVE MY CHURCH because everyone is welcome to the table.

I have really been enjoying this series. I do believe that this has been my favorite series that we have done together.

That leads us up to where we are going to be this Sunday. This Sunday we will be talking about I LOVE MY CHURCH because we are family. I cannot wait to dive into the Bible this weekend with you.

I hope you are enjoying this series and you have been seeing the Holy Spirit work in your lives through this series.

I encourage you to wear your new FaithPoint shirts. They have already been generating conversations. We are excited about engaging people with why we love our church because that will lead to conversations about Jesus.

You are in for a treat tonight. My lovely wife is going to lead our discussion time this evening. It will be a great time of fellowship and discussion.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday!

Bring a friend with you this weekend.

ilovemychurchI LOVE MY CHURCH!


Pastor Jimmy