Be Still

FaithPoint Logo 1Psalm 46:10
Be still and know that I am God.
What does this verse mean? It’s a little more than “Stop and smell the roses” right?
Still means stop.
Know means beyond a shadow of doubt.
But how can we really know who God is if our life is so fast paced that we feel like we don’t have time for Him?
The world and especially our society teaches that you must constantly be moving – moving at the speed of life. Moving is progress. Stopping is death.
If you stop, life passes you by. We feel like we are being forced to keep up with the speed of life.
it is hard to juggle everything that demands our time, so something has to suffer. Moving so fast and not stopping does have its consequences. You tend to make decisions and say things without thinking. You make promises that you can’t keep. Not once does it ever occur to you that there may be repercussions to your actions or words.
We move so fast that we do not always have time to check all the facts before we make a decision and that could be dangerous. If you do not check the facts you are in danger of making decisions based on assumptions or emotions and we all know what kind of trouble something stupid like that can bring.
The Bible presents to us the idea of rest. This is far from taking a nap or sleeping. It is far more.
In Psalm 23, verse 2, it says: He makes me lie down in green pastures.
Have you ever thought of that?
The Bible makes the correlation between us and sheep. Sheep are tense. They are wired. They don’t naturally want to lie down. It could be stubbornness. It could be fear. It could be insecurity. It could be anything that causes the sheep to not want to lie down and rest.
Isn’t being stubborn, fearful and insecure exhausting?
Constantly worrying, being anxious all the time, that has got to wear a person out.
Enter your Shepherd.
Jesus comes to us as our Shepherd. He makes us lie down in the green pastures. This is not just any kind of rest, this is soul rest. Jesus puts your soul at peace.
Just being in the presence of the Shepherd makes everything else pale in comparison.
Just imagine how much more your soul could be at rest if you slowed down, stopped, and were still for a few precious moments to bask in the presence of your Shepherd.
Your Shepherd is Holy, Majestic, Redeemer, King, Sustainer, Worthy to receive all glory and honor…and He enjoys spending time with you.
When is the last time you slowed down?
When is the last time you just enjoyed being in the presence of your Shepherd?
It is never too late. If it has been awhile, now would be a good day to start.