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FaithPoint Logo 1I am really excited about the car show that is coming up. I believe that it is going to be a great time. FaithPoint will be there to hand out free water and do some face painting for kids. We encourage everyone to come out and join us Saturday, November 1.


We still want to share your stories. If you would like, we would be happy to give you the opportunity to share this Sunday morning why you love your church. If you would like to make a video, we would like to help you with that and share it with our FaithPoint family.

Yesterday was amazing! I believe that God is doing something in our church. I believe that He is stirring up some things that will overflow into a river of joy that will be expressed as passion and devotion to Jesus.

Here are the notes from week 7 of our series I LOVE MY CHURCH!

The title for the sermon today is: Living on Purpose. This is week 7 in our series, I LOVE MY CHURCH!


Everything you do has eternal significance. Everything you do weighs on your progression in sanctification.

I have done a fair share of funerals. What bothers me is how people remember a person. This will beg the question, how do you want to be remembered?

I have heard families and friends say:

  • They liked a particular ride at Six Flags
  • They liked fishing
  • They liked Nascar
  • They liked going to country music concerts
  • They liked their truck
  • They liked the Bulldogs

If that is all you can remember about a person, that is sad.

When I read the Bible, none of those things even comes close to the reason why a person should remember you, especially if you are a Christian. What kind of legacy is that? If you can even call that a legacy.


Solomon writes in Ecclesiastes that everything in this life is vanity. The word vanity is actually not a good translation. The Hebrew word veritas can be better translated as vapor, futile, meaningless, or pointless.

Solomon’s experiences led him to write that everything in this life is pointless.

  • Your job – pointless
  • Your house – pointless
  • Your level of education – pointless
  • Your level of income – pointless
  • Gathering your family together on Thanksgiving – pointless
  • Opening Christmas presents and making family memories – pointless

Solomon gives one revelation at the end of his book. Ecclesiastes 12:13, “The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.”

Paul takes on this idea in Acts 20:24.

For someone to remember you for any reason other than pointing them to Jesus, you have wasted your life.


For you to live your life out in a gospel centered way means that you have to live intentionally. It means that you live your life out on purpose.

If, at the end of your life, everything is pointless, how do you live in such a way that your life is lived out on purpose?

Philippians 2:17

You pour your life out.


In the Old Testament, wine was sometimes offered at the altar with the sacrifice. From the average person’s perspective, pouring out a hin of wine, (2 gallons) was wasteful. However, the wine was being spent for the sacrifice. It was being offered as a pleasing aroma to the LORD.


In a real sense, Paul’s life was being “poured out” the whole time he lived, as he gave up all that was important to him (he speaks about this later in Philippians: his background, his religious heritage, his accomplishments – he says he counted all those things as “loss”); in a real sense he “poured out” his life all along as he served God.  Instead of spending life in ways that might have pleased him — his own pleasures, family, career, etc. — he “poured it out” for God instead.  His whole life, after he met Christ, was in a sense a “drink offering” to the Lord.


When you live your life for the gospel – conforming to the image of Jesus and seeking to make disciples, many people will think that you are wasting your life. But you are not. You are being spent as a sacrifice that is pleasing to God.

Who are you pouring into? We are called to make disciples among all people across all walks of life.

Your future disciple is not coming looking for you. You have to go find them. None of the 12 went looking for Jesus. Jesus went looking for them. You have to go find them and then pour into them.


While you are pouring into others, it doesn’t take away from the fact that you have to pour into your family. Your family will be your greatest disciples. If you fail to point your family to Jesus, you have wasted your life.


Deuteronomy 6:6-9

This is how you disciple kids. Put the gospel in front of them every day, all the time. They need to see it in you and in your house.

Yes you.

You can’t expect the public school system to teach them about Jesus. You have to be diligent and determined that the school may have your kids 8 hours a day but they can’t touch your kids when they are in your care.

Can anybody tell that you are a Christian just by walking into your house?


If you are not good at reading/studying the Bible, start.

Joshua 1:8

As you learn, teach.


Men, you have to be pouring into your wife, kids, and other men. Single guys, you have to be pouring into your family and other men. Single women, you can study the Bible and pour into other women. When you are looking to get married, if a man is not interested in serving you by pouring his life out and helping point you to Jesus; get rid of him.

A life that is not spent being poured out as a sacrifice is a wasted life.


Joshua 24:14-15

This decision you have to make every day. From the time you wake up until you go to bed – whom will you serve?

You have to make the decision that your house is not just for your own selfish motives but is a tool to advance the Gospel of Jesus.

Your spouse, kids, friends, everyone who walks through your door will know that you serve Jesus. Are you willing to make that commitment?

I LOVE MY CHURCH because we are living life on purpose. Everything we do is to point everyone to Jesus.

*quote taken from

Who are you pouring into?

Pastor Jimmy