A Wife’s Definition Of Super Hero

Wouldn’t it be great if we could become everything that our wives think we are? I do not mean take the place of God in their life. I have no desire for us to be an idol for them. I will try to use my thought process to explain. What I do mean is that I would like to be my wife’s super hero. My wife is not a big fan of super heroes. She is not into comic books, movies, cartoons etc. However, I would like to be her version of what a super hero is. Go with me here. I believe I figured this out to a point.

My wife likes to be listened to without me interrupting her. She likes it when I do the dishes or the laundry without being asked. I try to help her as much as I can because I am currently a stay at home dad. I try to do the majority of work around the house while my son is asleep. Being my wife’s super hero is more than doing dishes and folding clothes. It has a lot to do with intangible items.

My wife loves for me to spend time with her. She has a deep need to be loved. I hope that I show her as much as I tell her. She needs to feel safe. This usually means she needs to feel protected and secure. I believe that protecting her also includes my care and concern for her overall well-being. I believe this falls in line with loving my wife as Christ loves the church. Honoring her includes that I care for her physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I believe that a wife’s definition of super hero has nothing to do with talents, skills or super powers. A wife wants a husband that loves her and cherishes her. She wants her husband to treasure her only after he treasures Christ first. A wife wants her husband to be a good dad. I try to only use the word father in relation to God as He is our Heavenly Father. Any man can be a father. It takes a real man to be a dad.

Husbands. Love your wives like Christ loves the church. Sacrifice for her. Cherish her. Treasure her. Protect her and keep her safe and secure. Be a good lover but more importantly be her best friend.

How have you shown your wife that you love her today?

kristi proulx
kristi proulx

yes ladies this is my wonderful husband who wrote something so sweet. Jimmy are my super hero you are Mr.J( thats all i could come up with) you are right super heros are not my thing. I dont need a super hero. I just need a God fearing man who will lead me and push me closer to Christ and you are that for me. Thank you for all that you do to show your love and care towards me.

Nick Morris
Nick Morris

It's really awesome that your wrote this Jimmy. This has become my goal for my future relationship that will lead to a marriage (waaaaaaay down the road). I am wanting to be a super, man of God that I can be looked to for encouragement and wisdom. I think you worded this a million times better than what I can. But being a super man has become a goal for me. Thanks for writing how you are striving to be that super hero for your wife. It's a great encouragement to me who, one day wants to be the same thing. Never to soon for me to practice. Nick