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FaithPoint Logo 1Hey FaithPoint!

We just finished up our series I LOVE MY CHURCH! It is by far my favorite of the series that we have done yet. I hope that the series has inspired you to take a look at the last 8 weeks and think about why you love your church.

Remember, we are not talking about the building. We are talking about the people that make up FaithPoint. So, why do you love your church?

I am interested in your response.

The last 8 weeks, I have given you the reasons why I love my church.

  • Week one: I love my church not because of what Jesus said but because of what Jesus did. If you are a Christian, you have experienced the saving grace of Jesus and you are in the process of becoming more and more like Jesus. I pray that for everyone who comes to FaithPoint.
  • Week two: I love my church because it is a place where growth takes place. It is evident that spiritual growth has happened in the lives of everyone since you have been at FaithPoint. I thank Jesus for that. We provide as many ways as possible to help you grow to becoming more like Jesus. Our level of maturity is directly tied to our level of obedience. We want you to go from just knowing what the Bible says to actually doing what the Bible says. We are here to help you do that.
  • Week three: I love my church because it is a place where revival and repentance take place. Revival is birthed out of repentance and revival is associated with being set on fire. I would love to see the Holy Spirit set FaithPoint on fire.
  • Week four; I love my church because everyone is welcome to the table. We want everyone to know that they are welcome at FaithPoint. This means your friends, co-workers, family, anyone and everyone is welcome. We welcome them regardless of past church experience, culture, background, education level, race, gender, and income level. Everyone is welcome to FaithPoint. We want to point everyone to Jesus and we want everyone to join in the dialogue about what Jesus is doing in their lives.
  • Week five: I love my church because we are family. The blood of Jesus is stronger than the blood between a parent and child or a brother and sister. If Jesus has saved you, then that means you have been to the cross and washed by the blood of Jesus. We are family.
  • Week six: I love my church because we walk by faith and not by sight. You can’t say that you have faith without backing it up. You have to prove that you have it. I pray for you FaithPoint that you increase in boldness and confidence in Jesus. I pray that you will also be strong and courageous.
  • Week seven: I love my church because we live life on purpose. Everything in our lives is pointless if it is not used to point other people to Jesus. We want to live our lives out loud. We want to live life on purpose. That means finding people to pour your life into. You go to church and you are filled up to go be an offering. You pour your life out for the sake of someone else. You make sacrifices so other people can come to know Jesus and be made into disciples.
  • Week eight: I love my church because Jesus wants us to be one as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one. I love this. This puts more emphasis on family. We want to become one body, one faith, one church, one family. We want to be everything that Jesus created us to be.

When I say that I love my church, I am talking about the people in it.

If you cannot say that you love your church, you have to take a deep look inside yourself. If you do not love your church, you are saying that you do not love the people that make up the church. The problem is not with them. The problem lies within you. You must ask God to change your heart so that you can love the church the way that He loves the church.

I will always say that I love my church. Not just because I am the pastor. I would love FaithPoint even if I was not the pastor. Why? For the same reasons that I listed above. FaithPoint is a family that I would want to get involved with, do life with, spend time in community with you and worship Jesus with you. I would want to grow in my faith with you.


Pastor Jimmy