False Worship

Have you wondered how many people have never been rocked by an experience with Jesus? For a person that calls themselves a Christian, what is so important in their life that they will not renounce all things to be a disciple of Christ, Luke 14:33.

How many Christians will stand in church for a time of worship and their hearts are unmoved by the words of a hymn or a  sermon? Songs of honor and glory to a Holy God are sang out of obligation. A pastor’s sermon is ignored. The altar is reduced to a ghost town.

Why go to church at all if you do not want to hear what God has to say to you through Scripture? Why go to church if you have no desire to experience God?

Why go to church and lie during the song portion of the service? What do I mean? It’s like people are singing with their fingers crossed. All to Jesus I Surrender becomes All to Jesus I Won’t Surrender. Your Grace Is Enough becomes Your Grace Is Not Enough. If we sing words that mean nothing to us then we are just making noise.

Joy has left the building.

I cannot understand how someone who’s soul was snatched from the road to hell, a Godless eternity, could sit in church and be miserable. Jesus saved you. You get to spend eternity in his presence forever. FOREVER. If Jesus never answered another prayer or did another miracle in our lives, that by itself would be enough.

You are in church. You are in God’s house with God’s people. It is a time of celebration. Stop acting like you are at a funeral.

Jesus called you for his purpose. He is constantly forming you into what you are to ultimately become. That means re-shaping and breaking the parts of you that do not conform to the image of Christ. Discipline, correction, rebuke are all part of the discipleship process. God is our Heavenly Father. Just like a father, God disciplines the ones he loves.

It is about our hearts. Jesus doesn’t want our words if they come from a heart that doesn’t want Him. Jesus is pursuing us. Jesus wants us. Our hearts should reflect what Jesus has done and is doing in our lives. You should enter the time of worship with celebration and joy. You are singing, edifying, and honoring your Holy, Majestic, Redeemer King.

Rejoice. You no longer have to serve sin but you get to serve our risen Savior. Download that to your hard drive.

This Sunday morning as you stand to sing, think about what God has done for you that you do not deserve. Let that resonate in your heart as you lift praises to our Lord.

What do you think? Do you worship with your whole being?


As a Person that runs sound in the church I have time to look at all of the people that are in church and it can be seen that most people that come to church are NOT IN THE WORD AT ALL and so trying to worship with your heart it not in with his is just checking it off of the list that you have in your hand. so why do you get out of the bed so that you can be seen by others here on this earth WHY do you do it?? WHY What would you tell the LORD JESUS CHRIST???? Blessings, Rev. David Betts Athens, GA. Eyes On Him International Ministries (706) 410 5092

Jimmy Proulx
Jimmy Proulx

Jesus said that if the reason that you do what you do is to be seen by others, then you have received your reward. That is such a waste.