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We are excited about our new Christmas series, Unstoppable.

It is possible to lose the awe and the wonder that surround Christmas. When you get so caught up in routine, planning your parties, holiday meals, spending time with family, hitting the mall for the big sales, and trying to check off your to-do list, it is easy to forget what Christmas is about.

We know that an angel came to Mary. We know that she was told that she would give birth to a son and his name would be Jesus. We know that when Joseph and Mary arrived in town to pay their taxes, there was no room for them at the inn so they were forced to stay in a stable.

We know there were shepherds. There were wise men who went searching for the new King. We know that Herod put a hit out on all boys ages two and under because he felt threatened.

The story about our Savior is amazing.

However, what we are doing this Christmas season is going back in time. We are going to the prophets of the Old Testament and looking at the state of how things were when they were preaching as God instructed them. We want to see the conflict that was there and the prophecy that was promised and how Jesus is the fulfillment of those prophecies.

Then we will celebrate the last week of the Unstoppable series with the birth of Jesus and we will participate in the celebration of communion together.

In case you missed this past Sunday or you would like to read through the sermon notes to go along with your Bible study, here are the notes from Jeremiah 23.


The text for this sermon comes from Jeremiah 23:1-6. The title of this sermon is: The LORD is our righteousness. This is week 2 of the Unstoppable series.


God called Jeremiah to preach during the reign of King Josiah. If you are familiar with the Kings in the OT, you will remember that King Josiah is the last godly king that Judah has.

God has called Judah “faithless children.” In other parts of Jeremiah, God refers to Judah as foolish and stupid children. Judah had continued to sin and then ramped it up. They were called to repentance. They lied. None of their prayers or sacrifices were genuine. They were just going through the motions.


God disciplines the nation of Judah. They feel no anguish. They are not grieved by their sin. God’s discipline has not moved them back to God but to a hardening of their hearts.

Jeremiah’s task is to preach to these people who are hard of heart. He is to preach love and wrath, confession and repentance. He is to preach whatever God tells him.

The people of Judah have no interest in hearing what God has to say. So, they ignore Jeremiah and by ignoring Jeremiah, they ignore God.

The prophets and priests of Judah saw that it would be easier for the people to listen to them if they told the people what they wanted to hear instead of what God told them to preach to the people. So, the prophets and priests would preach lies and twist the truth.

Prophets and priests are supposed to help hold one another accountable but instead of calling out and rebuking this sin, they reinforced the sin.

Not to mention a new king comes to power. He is an evil king that hates both God and Jeremiah.

Jeremiah is preaching to a nation in:

  • moral failure
  • political failure
  • religious failure

Judah grows more and more hard of heart. They become more and more rebellious.

God said that the people love the false teaching so much that they crave it. They crave lies over God’s truth.

God says this about the prophets and priests: Jeremiah 23:11

Spiritual adultery begins with ungodly spiritual leaders. Judah’s ungodliness is a result of those who teach God’s word falsely.

Jeremiah 23:1-5.

Jeremiah casts hope.

God is going to judge the wicked prophets and priests because they failed to take care of the people that were put into their care.

God is going to honor his covenant with David. God is raising a righteous Branch. God is going to send a righteous King. God sent Jesus.

Jesus is the Redeemer King.

  • Matthew 2:2
  • Luke 1:32
  • Luke 19:38
  • John 1:49

Jesus is the Chief Shepherd – 1 Peter 5:4

All pastors, evangelists, teachers of the gospel are submissive to the authority of Jesus.

We currently live in times of:

  • moral failure
  • religious failure
  • political failure

Where is the hope?

Revelation 19:11-16

Our King Is Coming!