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Hope you are having a great week.

Here are the notes from the sermon on Sunday. I pray that they will aid you in your Bible study time.

The text for this sermon is Joel 2:28-32 The title of this sermon is: A Gospel Centered Life. This is week 5 in the Unstoppable series.

One of my favorite shows right now is Sherlock. In one of his rants on Watson he says something that we should take note of.

“Listen. This is my hard drive and it only makes sense to put things in there that are useful. Really useful. Ordinary people fill their heads with all kinds of rubbish. And that makes it hard to get at the stuff that matters. Do you see? ….All that matters to me is the work.”

Based on Sherlock’s statement, the obvious question that we can form from this is: Why bother learning anything that you are never going to use?

We fill our minds with all kinds of junk. As Sherlock calls it, “rubbish.” We won’t use Paul’s translation of the word.


  • NASCAR stats
  • Football stats
  • Movie quotes
  • TV plots

There is a belief that you can read 5 books on any given subject and you become an expert on that subject.

Reading 5 books by Dave Ramsey does not make you a financial wizard.

Reading 5 books on marriage does not make you an expert on marriage.

Watching hot rod shows does not make you a mechanic.

All of that information is useless if you are not going to do anything with it. It makes no sense to learn something that you are never going to apply.

Joel 2:28-32

We know that the great and awesome day of the LORD is going to take place when Jesus comes back to judge the living and the dead. Jesus is going to return on a white horse as the Lion. Our Redeemer King.

In light of that we want to see as many people as possible come to know Jesus as both Lord and Savior. In other words, He will be their Redeemer, their Shepherd and their King.

Remember from last week that we live in the middle of tension. We live in the time between the already happened and the not yet.

Joel describes those who are so grounded in their faith and have an intimate relationship with their Heavenly Father. These whom God has richly poured out His Spirit upon are mature believers.

Ephesians 4:11-15

Hebrews 5:12-14

Ephesians 4:20-25

Colossians 1:28-29

It is my conviction to do my best to work hard to present everyone that ever becomes a part of FaithPoint mature in Jesus when they stand before Jesus and to teach them how to do the same.

How do we do that?

Living a Gospel centered life intentionally.

Every morning when we wake up, we need to remind ourselves of the gospel. Every. Morning.


We never want to forget that Jesus died on the cross to trade His righteousness for our sin. He rose from the dead so that we might live this life in abundant joy filled with the Holy Spirit – the same Holy Spirit that raised Him from the dead lives in you.

If Jesus never raised from the dead, none of this matters!

But He did raise from the dead and He has so graciously given us the Holy Spirit to guide, lead, and teach us! The resurrection of Jesus is power – He has triumphed over sin, death, and hell. It is hope. Because Jesus raised from the dead, we are compelled to believe that the Lamb who was sacrificed is coming back as the Lion King.

We want to speak Jesus to each other more than any other thing. We want to speak Jesus to everyone in our lives. We want to create methods and systems that point people to Jesus. We want to teach the Bible to show people that the Bible is about Jesus. We don’t want to teach spiritual disciplines for the sake of the spiritual disciplines but to help us see the need that we have for Jesus. We have a great dependency for Jesus and we are nothing apart from Jesus.

Peter told us that our obedience helps us become mature. Jesus was our perfect example. He was perfectly obedient in all of His life. Because He was obedient, we learn from Him how to be obedient. Our obedience does not bring God’s blessings and favor. However, the obedience of Jesus does.

We need to see the people in our everyday lives as the focus of our mission. The ones that we work with, live with, fellowship with, have coffee with, have dinner with, invite over to our house, these are the ones that we pray for over and over that God might draw them to Himself so that they will get to know Jesus as Redeemer King.

The Gospel is: Jesus was born of a virgin, lived a perfect and sinless life, died on the cross, rose from the dead, ascended into Heaven where He is currently interceding on our behalf and He will return to make all things new.

How do you apply that to your life?

  • finances
  • marriage
  • parenting

*Finances: The God of the universe has all the resources that you will ever need. You are co-heirs with Jesus so you are richer than you could ever imagine. Jesus who was rich became poor so that by His poverty, you could become rich. So, you can become a faithful, cheerful and generous giver because God gave his only son, Jesus who is the first fruits of a new creation lost it all and gained it all back so that we can give of our best to our Heavenly Father, trusting that He will complete what He started in us and when you give Him everything that you have, you don’t have to worry about provision because your Heavenly Father will provide everything you need. You will never want (need) for anything because your Heavenly Father will give it to you in the right time. Psalm 23:1

Marriage: Jesus is the groom as the church is the bride. Jesus sacrificed Himself for His bride even when she was unfaithful and betrayed Him. Jesus models for us sacrifice and love. So, husbands can love Jesus and become submissive to Jesus and sacrificing everything in their lives that results from pride and selfishness so that they can genuinely love their wives. Wives can love and submit to the leadership of their husbands like the church submits to Jesus when they see that their husband is doing everything they can to follow where Jesus leads them so they can lead their family to Jesus.

Parenting: God is the ultimate Father and Jesus models what it is like for us to obey as a child of our Heavenly Father. Dads are to be both tough and tender. They lead their families by the Bible and point them to Jesus at all times. Moms come alongside dads and help them raise their children in the fear and instruction of the Lord. Parents work together to mold, shape, and sharpen their arrow children so that they will be piercing light when they are launched out into the darkness. We don’t want to guilt them or shame them. If they go through life trying to avoid shame and guilt they will find other ways to atone for their sin – usually by blaming others.

When we love our spouses and our kids, it is only because our lives have been wrecked by Jesus. We want them to know that when we are loving them – Jesus is loving them through us.

He loved us and came to serve us. So, we can love and serve others because Jesus is loving them and serving them through us.

So, when talking to some people, we need to just go back to the basics. We can’t expect everyone to reach maturity in Jesus if they have never grasped the basics.


What are the basics?

Jesus loves you

This I know

For the Bible

Tells me so

Then you get the Bible, you show them Jesus lived a perfect life, died on the cross, rose from the dead and ascended into heaven where he intercedes for you right now and He will come again.

Because you have a resurrected Savior:

You can have joy

You can have peace

You can have faith

You can have hope

You can give

You can love

Because all of that is found in the person and work of your Redeemer King, Jesus!

We want to see the people and the world the way Jesus does – through a gospel centered lens.

When we get to talk to the people, remember this….

Whatever the question,

Jesus is the Answer.

*Used from a conference talk by Jeff Vanderstelt