Believe That You Can

thinking-277071_1280Yesterday, I asked you to embark with me on a journey.

Before you begin any journey, there is a process of preparation. Think about it. You know where you want to go but to get to your destination, there is a process.

Let’s say that you want to take your family to Disney World. You have already bought your tickets. What comes next? You check the weather so you know what kind of clothes you will need during your trip. You check the oil in the car, kick the tires and remove any excess Cheerios and Lucky Charms from the car seats. You fill up the car with gas. Once the luggage is packed and everyone is in, it is time to start the journey.

You never would have bought the tickets if you did not believe that your family could make it to Disney World.

The same is true with anything else. If you do not believe that you can accomplish something, you will be right.

Before you become great at something, you first have to believe that you will be great at it.

The only thing holding you back from what God created you to accomplish is you.

I need you to be tracking with me husbands and dads.

You can be held prisoner by your own thoughts. You can be a slave to lies, anxiousness, worry, bitterness, anger, and most of all…fear. Fear leads to another dangerous enemy that desires nothing more than to cripple you – doubt.

You do not have to believe the lies that you hear playing over and over in your mind. You do not have to believe that you will never make it. You do not have to believe that you are garbage or that you are not good enough.

Do not believe that you do not have what it takes for you to be great.

If God put the dream in you, then He has already given you what you need to accomplish it.

Moses was not a leader until he believed that he was. God had called Moses and told him that he would be a great leader and would be responsible for the deliverance of the people of Israel from the clutches of the Egyptians.

What did Moses do?

Moses gave God every excuse why he was not the right man for the job. Moses could not see past his own limitations. Moses was convinced that he couldn’t. Moses was right.

Moses could not do it apart from God leading and guiding him.

Moses had a problem. He was afraid.

Moses did not see himself the way that God saw him. Moses could not see his God-given potential because his own fear blinded him. Moses was sabotaging himself before he even got started.

It was not until Moses put aside his fear and stepped out in faith that he became a leader. God called Moses to be a leader and it was Moses who had to step into the calling that God placed on his life.

You are not a mistake.

God doesn’t make mistakes.

Know this. You are everything that God says that you are. Your identity is found in Christ.

Whatever God has called you to do, He will be with you until you accomplish that work.

What has God called you to do husband? Dad? Entrepreneur? Writer? Church planter?

Moses was always a leader because that is what God said he was and that is who God created him to be. However, Moses did not start acting like a leader until he believed that he was one.

Whatever God has called you to, that is what you are. When you begin to believe that you are, you will begin to act like the person that God created you to be.

  • Stay in the Word. Get in the Bible and get the Bible in you.
  • Abide in Jesus.
  • Be obedient. Listen carefully to what God is telling you and let the Holy Spirit lead and guide you.
  • God is sovereign. None of His plans can ever be messed up.
  • God is faithful. He will be with you wherever He takes you.

What has God called you to? I would love to know. Tell me in the comments.