A Moment of Reflection

sherlock-holmes-147255_1280If we really took the time to step back and reflect on the past year, what would we discover?

When you look at social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just the highlight reels of people’s lives. They are the clips that show you the best part of the game. Facebook is the hail mary pass. Twitter is the touchdown. Instagram is the 95 yard kickoff return. They show you the game in part but not the whole.

Let’s be honest.

As much as we joke about it, we wouldn’t really want someone following us around with a GoPro camera.

There are things in our lives that we just don’t want others to see.

We don’t want it broadcast across the world that we:

  • had an argument with our spouse
  • made another parenting mistake
  • worry more than we have faith
  • cried ourselves to sleep
  • struggle with seeing ourselves the way Jesus sees us
  • don’t read the Bible as much as we make it look like we do

We put up a window instead of letting people see the whole house.



We are so afraid that if people saw our struggles, our mistakes, how many times in a week that we have failed – we think that we would have less friends.

Here is the reality:

Real friends see you for who you really are – messes and all  – and they are still your friends.

As we get ready to start our new journey together in 2015, I want to share with you some things.

There are a few places in my life that I struggle with that I am praying that God will work in me to help change those things.

MY MARRIAGE: I want to love my wife more in 2015 than I ever have before. I want to be the husband that God calls me to be in the Bible. I want to model that more and more every day. I want to serve her, love her and cherish her more. I want her to never doubt that she is (after Jesus) first in my life. I want to plan more date nights. I want to create special moments in 2015 that she will never forget. I want to do better at having a gospel centered marriage

MY BOYS: I love being a dad. I am far from being a perfect dad. However, by God’s grace, in 2015, I am going to be the best godly dad that my boys could possibly have. I want to lead them, the way that God leads me. I want them to know that only their mom comes before them. Nothing else can ever take their place – not writing, not friends, not church, not a dream or goal. I want them to grow up to be godly men that love Jesus, love their wives, love their kids and serve their church. I must model that for them. I also want to craft special moments for both boys. I plan on having a lot more Daddy and son days for both boys in 2015. I want them to know that they are loved the same even though God created them uniquely different. I desire more than anything to lead them in a way that always points them to Jesus.

FAITHPOINT: I am both a pastor and a leader. I want to do both better. I believe in being a lifelong learner. I believe in stepping fully into the calling that God has given me and doing it well – to the best of my ability. What does that look like? I need to learn more about being a good pastor and leader. So, I plan on setting aside specific times to read books, attend conferences, listen t podcasts and write. I want to lead the people that God has given me and I want to lead them well. I want to point them to Jesus and I want them to be able to point others to Jesus. I want them to see how the gospel applies to all areas of their lives. I pray for their boldness and confidence in sharing the gospel and I pray that they will find their identity and security in Jesus. I also pray that I will grow closer to Jesus and listen well as he leads me, so that I can lead FaithPoint.

Tomorrow, the journey begins.

As you reflect over the past year, what do you look forward to changing in 2015? I look forward to reading your comments.