One Word 2015

oR76JfCThere is only one word that can define 2015.


It is not just enough to say you are going to do something.

  • You can make resolutions
  • You can make plans
  • You can have great intentions
  • You can have big dreams.

If you don’t take action, you have nothing. You have to be determined that you are not going to sit another year on the sidelines.

This is the year that you take ACTION.

For the past couple weeks, you have had the opportunity to look at your life and take an assessment. What do you see that you need to change? What areas need work?

Do you want your marriage to be different? Do you wish that your relationship with your kids was different? Do you want to be the man that God has created you to be? Do you want to be the missionary to your city that you know you are supposed to be?

Do something about it now!


Remember, this year we are taking a journey. We have talked about the need for the journey, the focus of the journey and packing for the journey. This is a 365 day journey that we need for God to change things in us and conform us more to the image of Jesus.

This is the year of ACTION.

This means that we are:

  • getting out of our comfort zones
  • kicking fear to the curb
  • picking up your Bible and reading it
  • engaging your wife and kids
  • acting on plans, intentions, resolutions, and dreams

This year, we are going to be men of action!

We will not be slaves to the flat screen. We will not bow to the altars of porn and pride.

We are going to walk as Christ walked.

We are going to step fully into the calling that Jesus has placed on us as men. We need to reclaim Biblical manhood.

Are you ready?

Your ticket has already been checked.

This is the time for action. We are on this journey together.

The train has left the station.



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