Podcasts for the Journey


Pic from Flickr by Emily Dye

Spiritual growth is not something that we should take lightly. We should be active and intentional in growing in Christlikeness.

When Jesus saved you, you became a Christian and entered into a process of sanctification.

It is a process.

When I shared my plan for spiritual growth with you, I included books, podcasts and conferences. The podcasts that I listen to are available on YouTube.

These podcasts are actually sermon videos from pastors that I highly respect.

I really enjoy listening to other pastors preach. I love learning from them and I love the insight and application given through the sermon. Listening to other pastors also helps me become a better communicator. I believe that we should listen to preachers that are going to point us to Jesus. The further I advance in my sanctification process or grow deeper in my relationship with God, the more I realize the need to get Scripture in my mind. I want to grow closer to Jesus. I want my eyes, my mind, my words, my actions and every area of my life to conform to the image of Jesus….whatever the cost.

I hope that you find these videos to engage your spirit and provoke you to want to follow Jesus more.

Here is a list of 15 pastors that I listen to regularly on YouTube.

  1. Jeremy Lundmark
  2. Matt Chandler
  3. Darrin Patrick
  4. Eric Mason
  5. Jeff Vanderstelt
  6. Perry Noble
  7. Francis Chan
  8. John Piper
  9. Dhati Lewis
  10. Leonce Crump
  11. Tony Merida
  12. Bubba Jennings
  13. Dave Ferguson
  14. Andy Stanley
  15. James MacDonald

What pastors do you listen to that provoke you to want to live more like Christ?