esv_coffee.jpgHave you ever wanted something so badly that you would go out of your way to get it? Maybe it is a doughnut. Maybe it is a Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks. Whatever it is…you crave it.

We crave all sorts of things:

  • food
  • attention
  • sex
  • football
  • learning
  • to be known

Do we ever crave spending time with God?

Maybe that is the wrong question.

Have you ever been spiritually dehydrated?

You know what it is like to be physically dehydrated. You come in from an intense workout or a long cycling ride and you are thirsty. Your body is telling you that it doesn’t want milk, soda, juice, energy drinks, coffee, not even lemonade. It only wants water.

Psalm 42 opens with a deer that longs for flowing streams. For that deer, nothing else will satisfy the craving for the water. Only that specific water from that stream will do. The deer craves the water. Why? The deer has been to that stream before. The water there must be so good, no other water would be considered good enough. When the deer drinks, the deer’s thirst will be satisfied.

The verse continues by connecting the idea of the deer craving water to our souls craving God. It is highly possible to become spiritually dehydrated.

Let’s say that you stop being intentional. You start binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix, you make excuses for why you don’t pray with your kids, you only pick up your Bible when you are headed out the door on Sunday morning. Get the picture.

Something happened.

Maybe you got distracted. Maybe you were tired one day and you skipped spending time with God that day. That day became another, and another, and another until you can’t remember when you actually sat down and spent time with God.

Have you ever been there? I have.

For whatever reason, I let distractions get in the way. It was easier to pick up the remote than it was to pick up my Bible.  It was also easier to make excuses than it was to make a course correction. I became lax in my relationship with God.

Here is the problem with being lax in your spiritual journey: Lax is the exact opposite of what the Bible calls us to be.

We are called to be:

  • diligent
  • determined
  • focused
  • firm
  • unwavering

How do you change? Being lax is not a character quality that we want to be know for.

I believe that God placed this thought in my head. How would I feel if either one of my boys didn’t want to spend time with their Daddy anymore?

I would be crushed. I love my boys. I take joy in spending time with them. I love being with them, playing with them, taking them to special places, watching movies with them, I love my boys. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have my boys tell me that they don’t want to spend time with me.

We can’t afford not to cultivate the relationship that we have with our Heavenly Father. That relationship is key to learning and growing as we walk our journey.

The more lax we become in our spiritual journey, the less effective we become at what Jesus has called us to do.

Let’s forget about being lax, lazy, complacent, and stagnant.

Let’s take ACTION and responsibility for cultivating our relationship with our Heavenly Father and for our own spiritual growth.

We don’t need another day to pass us by.

We don’t need to delay and say that we will start on a Monday or on the first of the month or on some other time. That gives us too much leeway for excuses and not starting at all.

If your soul is thirsty, you are craving the living water that only Jesus can give. There is no other source where that kind of water can be found.

You are not alone. We are on this journey together.