Coffeehouse Conversations

In the Book of Acts, the church begins at an event called Pentecost. The apostles take time during the week to study the Scriptures and pray. The people start to form small groups in their homes and discussing what they had heard in the sermon. People were being saved inside people’s homes.  I find this very encouraging.

This translates to us today. We go to church and then wherever we go, we share what we have learned from the sermon. This could happen in a house, restaurant, coffeehouse, or wherever people gather for fellowship.

A sermon, Bible study, quiet time, small group study, could and should be shared. It opens a topic for conversation. Once laid on the table, you can easily see how people become involved or how people remove themselves from the conversation.

People in all walks of life are going to talk about God. They may not necessarily talk about Jesus but they will talk about God. They will talk about what they believe and don’t believe or what they like and don’t like. Now while some of their beliefs or theories might be wrong or confusing, why not use the Bible to help steer the conversation towards a more Christ – centered conversation?

This is an easy way to share about sermons, Bible studies, or your own personal relationship with Christ. You can speak into the conversation from your own personal experience.  I believe that God can and will work anywhere he wants. I believe that we need to make sure that we are available to him when he wants to use us for his purposes.

We are called to be salt. We are called to be light. We are called to be disciples and love our neighbors. Why not love them by buying them a cup of coffee and share with them what God is doing in your life?

To do this effectively, we must know the gospel. Another way of saying this is that we must be fluent in the gospel. We need to be able to speak the gospel in every situation of our lives. We want all of life to be influenced by the gospel.

To reach people the way that Jesus has called us to reach them means that we must be intentional. We must realize that our lives are to be lived with the mission of Jesus in mind.

We need to figure out the rhythms and routines of their lives and join with them.

We want them to see God as their Heavenly Father and show them how He wants them to be His child. We want them to tell us their story and we can share God’s story and show them that God wants to redeem their story.

This is going to be an exciting part of our journey. Having gospel centered conversations with people to point them to Jesus.

Let’s be loving and compassionate as we have these gospel centered conversations. We need to both listen and lead well.

Life changing conversations, pointing people to Jesus and a cup of coffee. What could be better?

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