Childlike – Rest

1426387_10151686628380988_867381121_nThere are some nights when my son just refuses to go to sleep. It is evident that he is tired but for whatever reason, he does not care to lie down. Some nights he will cry for a few minutes and then he snuggles up with his teddy bear and goes off to sleep. Other nights are different and while he is being fussy, the teddy bear just doesn’t cut it.

Enter Daddy.

On the nights when he is overly fussy, I will walk into his room and lay down beside him. I will reassure him and tell him that it is ok because Daddy will be with him until he goes to sleep. I have not figured out how this all works but it does. It seems as if just knowing that Daddy is in the room is security enough for my son to go to sleep.

Restlessness, stress, fear, anxiousness do on occasion rear their ugly heads in the life of a Christian. It seems that peace and security are out of reach.

Enter Jesus.

Psalm 23:1-2 says, “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters.”
Sheep are somewhat frantic, stressed, and anxious. The key to verse two is knowing who your Shepherd is. A sheep cannot actually lie down if it constantly feels uneasy, nervous, uncomfortable, you get the idea. The sheep has to feel peaceful and secure before it actually lies down. The sheep feels secure in the presence of the shepherd. The shepherd does not have to hold the sheep for the sheep to find rest. The sheep just need to be near the shepherd.
Do you feel secure? Are you calm enough to rest without being anxious or fearful? Put your soul at rest. Draw near to your Shepherd. He desires for you to be fully immersed in His presence.
Your Shepherd Jesus will not reject you or push you away. He welcomes you as you draw near to Him. He desires to spend time with you and lift the weight from off your shoulders. You don’t have to carry it anymore.
That is good news. When you are feeling anxious, fearful, stressed, etc., draw near to the Shepherd. It is with Him that you will find rest.