sunrise-165094_1280No one wakes up one morning and thinks to themselves, “I think I would like to go to prison today.” What they do not realize is that they were already in prison before they actually got there.

When you talk to some people about their dreams or passions, you get this blank stare. Their eyes get a glazed look. It is almost as if they cannot relate to what you are saying. I worked with a few people in my life that chased after money instead of their calling. They ended up settling for a job that paid very well but they were miserable. They had no vision, no passion, no dream, but they had a paycheck.

What about you?

Has the vision that God gave you been stuffed into a box and stuck into a dark closet? Has your dream died?

I want to share something with you.

It is people who step out on faith that change the world. They know that God has given them a vision and it is so big that it scares them but they know that they have to accomplish this. If God put it in you, He is going to see you through it. People that live their lives by faith understand that when God gives you something that is too big to accomplish on your own, you find people to help you because you are compelled to bring this vision to fruition.

I have been told that God doesn’t work in awesome ways anymore like He did in the Bible. Isn’t that stupid? I believe that God works all the time and we just don’t have the faith to see it. I also believe that we do not see more of God’s works in our lives because we are not full of anticipation and expectation to see what He is going to do in us and through us.

It is easy to see that the Bible clearly says that the same Holy Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in you. I totally believe that. However, with the lackadaisical way that we live our lives, we have probably bored the Holy Spirit to sleep.

  • Where is the light that pierces the darkness?
  • Where is the city on a hill?
  • Where is the salt of the earth?
  • Where are the clay pots that are supposed to lead other clay pots to the Potter?

Have you forgot how to dream? Are we slaves to Netflix? We sit at home on our couches watching shows and movies that are the results of other peoples hard work and dreams. We watch the results of others instead of pursuing the dreams and passions that God has stirred in our own souls.

As much as I want I cannot:

  • force you to dream
  • cultivate your relationship with our Heavenly Father
  • find your calling for you
  • walk out on faith on your behalf
  • pick you up and move you from the couch into action

You have to want those things for yourself.

It’s time to awaken what is asleep inside you.

Let’s be people of faith that is known by their lives being saturated with the Scripture.

Let’s pray that God would ignite a spark and it would start a fire within the church. People, families, churches, cities would all be changed because of gospel centered people sharing the love of Jesus with people who have no light of hope.

I want you to know that I am praying for you.

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