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What is the craziest dream that you have ever had? I bet that you can recall it with no problem. In some cases, you might have even had the same dream more than once. That is very interesting when you think about it.

We talked about a dream that Joseph had this past Sunday as we explored Genesis 37.

Here are the notes from Sunday:

The text for this sermon comes from Genesis 37.

Kids. God loves kids. We love kids.

Sometimes they say something so profound that it totally astonishes you.

Sometimes they say or do something that shows that the Bible is getting through and your parenting is somewhat working.

The next day, they do something so off the wall, you want to deny them in public.

God created your kids uniquely. You should love them uniquely. God does not show favorites. God does not love any one of his children more than another. Do you know what that means?

God does not love:

  • Billy Graham
  • Chris Tomlin
  • John Calvin
  • Charles Spurgeon
  • John Piper

God does not love any of these men more than you! You should not not show favorites among your children.

We are going to start in Genesis 37.

Something you need to know before we dive in. Benjamin, Israel’s youngest son is born. Rachel dies. You also will not hear of Leah for the rest of Genesis.

Genesis 36 is a generational timeline of Esau. I encourage to read the rest of 35 and 36 in your own personal Bible study time.

Jacob has moved to Bethlehem.

We now pick up in Joseph’s life as a 17 year old. Joseph was the favorite son. To show his love for his son, Israel made Joseph a robe of many colors.

To explain how expensive this robe is….It would be like shopping at Walmart for the other brothers and Joseph’s robe comes custom made from Gucci.

Each color that the robe contains makes it more expensive. This was a very expensive robe.

The brothers were jealous, the jealousy turned into bitterness and bitterness turned into anger.

Joseph had a dream.

He told the dream to his brothers.

His brothers were already angry that he was the favorite. They could not speak pleasantly with him. It was likely that they did not want to hear or understand the dream because they already hated him. The dream caused them to hate him more.

When you have a dream, you are excited and you want to tell people about it. That is what Joseph did. He was excited and told his family.

Just like Joseph’s family did not understand Joseph’s dream, you will probably have family members and friends who will not understand your dream either.

How do you know if your dream is from God?

There are a few different kinds of dreams.

  • A little boy dreams of being a superhero.
  • You had a late night pizza and the pepperoni didn’t sit well with you and you had a weird kind of dream.
  • Your brain takes memories, books you have read, movies you have watched and people in your life and can form dreams out of what it believes is important to you.

Then there is the dreams that only God gives you. You will know it is from God because the dream will not contradict Scripture and it will compel you to act.

God speaks to people in dreams while they are asleep. God speaks to people with visions while they are awake. Either way, God will not contradict Scripture when He speaks to you.

Do you have a dream or a vision? You need one.

Listen for the whisper. The Holy Spirit does not yell, scream, stand on a soap box with a megaphone and shout. He whispers. We have to tune our spirit to be able to discern which voice is from the Holy Spirit among all of the other noises, distractions and voices that we hear on any given day.

You need a dream or a vision for:

  1. Your personal life.
  2. Your spiritual journey.
  3. Your family.

You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11

God will lead you on the path that He has designed for you through Scripture and the dream or vision that He has given you.

Your dream and vision will ultimately be used to help point people to Jesus. It doesn’t matter what the dream is, as much as you understand that your obedience will be required for you to accomplish it.

You will also go through a refining process. The person you are now will not be the same person that you will be when you finally accomplish the dream or the vision that God has for you.

He wants to do a work in you before He does a work through you.

Part of this journey of living by faith means that you trust God even when it does not make sense right now. You walk by faith. That means that you trust God through the storm, in the fog, and when you can’t see around the next corner.

God is working in you to make you who He created you to be.