Why My Boys Will Not Watch Richie Rich

Pic from Flickr by Global Panorama

Pic from Flickr by Global Panorama

If you are a child of the 80s, you may remember the joy of waking up on Saturday mornings and eating your bowl of cereal or pop tarts while watching Saturday morning cartoons.

As a kid, I approached Saturday mornings systematically. I knew which cartoons came on each channel and what time they started. The only problem that I ran into was when a cartoon was canceled.

One such cartoon that was watched every Saturday morning was Richie Rich. Richie lived in a mansion and had various adventures with his friends and his dog, Dollar. Richie was a well mannered boy and in the cartoon, he was always dressed in his signature look. He wore a red sweater with a large R on the front, a blue bow tie and pants. I guess that is what a kid would wear if they were a millionaire or in private school.

As you may have heard, Netflix has recently made a live-action comedy that is trying to revamp Richie Rich into a more modern show for kids.

My boys were not impressed with Netflix’s adaptation.

The show gets some things right and then they run and jump off the cliff without a parachute. It gets really bad really fast.

finance-634901_1280In the cartoon, Richie’s dad was a smart man and Richie was born into a wealthy family. In the TV show for Netflix, Richie’s dad is as dumb as a brick and Richie has made his millions by turning vegetables into a renewable fuel.

My boys will not watch Richie Rich because of the way the series portrays Richie’s dad.

They went overboard with trying to make Richie’s dad look like an idiot. He is so bad that it actually seems that he put stupid in a crack pipe and has been smoking stupid for a really long time.

The father appears more like a big brother who wants to be friends with his kids instead of their dad.

The father is not respected nor does he have any parental authority in the house. What you seem to get from the very first episode is Richie bought the house and everything in it. Richie and his sister are able to do what they want when they want. Richie basically has the run of the house, his sister only talks to him if she has to and the dad is just another character thrown in as the bumbling goofball.

Richie Rich is just another show trying to put the fun in dysfunctional. It doesn’t work.

As a dad, I just do not believe that anything good can come from my boys watching this show.

Dads, let’s be serious about dadhood. Let’s join together to covenant that we will live in such a way that honors God and points our kids to Christ.

I want to live my life in such a way that my boys are proud to have me as their Dad and they are both proud to be sons.

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