Journey Into The Unknown

bridge-593148_1280There are times on our journey where God tells us to get uncomfortable. To be obedient, we must leave our comfort zone and step out in faith to follow wherever He leads us – even into the unknown.

This is not unlike Abraham’s journey when God told him to leave his family and his country and to travel to the land where God would show him. Abraham had to travel into the unknown. Abraham had to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

If you follow me on Facebook, you may recall that I made a status update in February about something that I believe that God is calling me to. I would like to share that story with you.

This story begins last September. There was a string of murders that happened in my city and every city surrounding my city. The news media was treating these murders as black and white issues, black on black issues, and gun issues. That did not sit well with me. I knew that was not the case. These murders were not a result of any of these issues. They were a result of the wickedness that comes from the sick hearts inside of men.

I was being provoked in my spirit to want to do something about this. I tried to put this away and not think about it for awhile.

In October, I went to the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta. God has spoken to me before at Catalyst but not like He did at this particular event. I was wrecked from the very first session.

Andy Stanley took the stage and right out of the gate, he asked two questions that I will never forget.

Who are you?

What breaks your heart?

Immediately, the Holy Spirit draws my brain to open the locked box that I thought were things that I wanted to forget. My mind went straight to the men struggling with manhood. Murders are committed by angry men. It is not their anger that is the problem as much as they are angry at the wrong things. These men have no idea what it is like to pour out their lives into another to coach, lead, or mentor another person – most likely because no one took the time to show them what it was like to be a man. We need men to be fully devoted to Jesus. These men can be godly husbands and godly dads.

I told God that He had the wrong guy.

He wouldn’t let me let go of this. This thing has been chasing me down since October. It is constantly on my mind. It will not leave me alone.

Back to Andy Stanley: There were some things that he said that God has used to make me uncomfortable and know for certain what I am supposed to do next on my journey.

Andy said:

  • Great leaders make things better
  • Great leaders fix things that are broken
  • Broken heart leaders create change that impacts future generations
  • You have no idea what hangs in the balance of your decision to lead into the things that break your heart
  • What God originates – God orchestrates
  • You have not been called to change the world but you are called to change something
  • Jesus said – Fear not, I am with you

You can see how this wrecked me. God is doing something in me to make me be the husband, dad, pastor, leader that He created me to be.

I am confident in this:

The next part of my journey to help men become who God created them to be is not going to start the way that I thought. It is going to start by getting out of my comfort zone and head into the unknown.

To help men, I am going to have to go to places that I have never been before to reach people that may otherwise never be reached.

I believe that God is leading me to reach troubled teenagers in youth detention centers and men that are in prisons. I am looking at building a team of men who will pray with me and go with me to minister to these people and pray that Jesus will wreck their lives and draw them to Himself. I am praying that their lives will change when they meet the Redeemer King.

This is how you can pray for me:

Please pray that God will help me find the men to build my team that will help me minister and share the gospel of Jesus to these people who need to see the hope, truth, and love of Christ.

Thank you for praying for me.

What is God challenging you with to leave your comfort zone and step out in faith into the unknown?

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