Use Your Greatest Fear As A Launching Pad

acapulco-81397_1280Have you ever heard the saying that you have found your calling when you find your why?

Think about it.

When you know the reason behind why you do something, you have found the very thing that drives you to action. You have found your fuel. You have found your motivation.

Now you might be asking, “How do you find your why?”

I do not believe that everyone finds their why in exactly the same way. However, I do believe I know of one possible way to explore in looking for your why. It is using your greatest fear as a launching pad.

What are you afraid of?

I don’t mean being afraid of things like sharks, snakes, spiders, or creepy dudes in clown costumes.

What I mean is this:

What keeps you up at night? What is so broken in this world that you can’t stand it and you lose sleep over it?

That is a good place to start.

Whatever makes you uncomfortable, whatever the Holy Spirit is doing stirring inside you – go there.

I want to share mine with you. I don’t want to die without my life making a difference.

Let me explain:

When I look around and I see marriages failing, homes without dads, porn addiction, alcohol and drug addiction, broken people, shattered dreams, troubled and depressed kids, and people that feel like the world has forgot them, I feel like my spirit instantly is caught on fire.


This garbage has gone on for too long. I want to go to the lost, hurting and broken. I want to share with them the love of Jesus. I want them to hear the wonderful news of the gospel. I want them to give their lives to Jesus.

You may have heard it said that the test of a great preacher or leader is not that they say, “What a good sermon!” or “What a good speech!” but that they will say, “I will do something.”

You have to know that not everyone will like the way you lead or your communication style. You also have to know that some people apart from the Holy Spirit spurring them to action (and I mean that in the literal sense) are never going to get off of the couch.

You are not going to be able to help everyone but don’t let that stop you. You can help one.

I want to help one:

  • one couple to fall in love with Jesus, fall in love with each other and pray with them that God will restore their marriage.
  • one guy to walk away from their addiction, to put down the porn, the alcohol, or the drugs and pick up their kids.
  • one troubled and depressed teenager to see the love of Jesus and to experience His grace and mercy.
  • one person to learn how to dream again and inspire them to make a difference by pouring out their life into the life of someone else.

You can help one person.

Don’t let your fear sideline you but use it to motivate you, to charge your battery, to fuel your drive to want to lead and make change in this world. Use your greatest fear as your launching pad to find your why.

When you find your why, you are on your way to making a difference in the life of someone else.

Have you found your why?

I would love to hear what that is. Share your why or continue the conversation on Facebook. 

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