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Here is some encouragement for you today:

Ye are now your alone, but ye may have for the seeking, three always in your own company, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: I trust they are near you.

Samuel Rutherford

Here are the notes from the sermon on Sunday:

The text for this sermon is Genesis 39:1-12.

We live in a hyper-sexual, or some might say over-sexual culture. You may or may not agree with this. I still have no idea what a naked girl has to do with a cheeseburger.

The reason that you believe the way you do is because you see through the lens of your worldview.

If you are a Christian and the Bible has not shaped your worldview, your worldview is clouded up with gunk – like your sunglasses if you don’t clean them.

Sometimes we come across a text in Scripture that I like to consider as a text that rocks the boat. In this case, the boat is going to be a specific train of thought, the thought process that our culture has in its view of sex.

When you challenge the status quo by introducing Scripture into the mix, you make people feel uncomfortable. By challenging the system or the status quo, you are rocking the boat.

Sometimes you have to do more than just rock the boat. Sometimes you just need to flip it upside down.

Genesis 39:1-12.

vs 1. Joseph has been bought by Potiphar. Joseph is a slave in Potiphar’s house.

vs 2-6 The LORD is with Joseph. Joseph becomes successful because of the fact that God is with him. Potiphar watches Joseph. Everything that Joseph does, God blesses. Then, God starts to bless Potiphar because Joseph is in his house. When is the last time, anyone felt blessed because you were in their life?

Potiphar put Joseph in charge of his total estate. All of the other slaves and servants had to answer to Joseph. Joseph is still a slave. He did not ask or want to be there and he is not being paid. He is a slave. However, God blessed Joseph even though Joseph’s circumstances were not ideal.

vs 6-10 Potiphar works for Pharaoh. It is obvious that Potiphar was obsessed with work. He wanted everything to be the way that pleased Pharaoh. If Pharaoh is displeased, Potiphar can be fired or killed. There is no unemployment line here. He either does what is required of him or he is done.

By being so consumed with work, Potiphar may not have had the kind of time to spend with his wife that she wanted so she goes looking at Joseph. She focuses on Joseph instead of her husband. She trades the desire that should only be for her husband for Joseph. No one can know the wickedness that dwells inside the human heart.

What causes a married person to lust after or flirt with a person who is not their spouse?

The bra on the woman in the Victoria’s Secret catalog is not going to look the same way on your wife no matter how bad you want it to. Why? Because the woman in the catalog is not your wife!

Proverbs 5:18-20 Who is the forbidden woman? Any woman who is not your wife. This goes for single people too. A man should only desire to see the breasts of his wife. Her body and her body alone is what drives his desire for her. A woman should not desire for another man to see her breasts or touch her body in a way that should only be reserved for her husband.

A man does not need to see the breasts of another woman period. She is forbidden. It doesn’t matter if it is a catalog, magazine, DVD, Netflix, TV, movie theater, phone, tablet, or computer screen. If she is not your wife, you do not have the right to look at her.

A woman should not look at a man who is not her husband and make comments about his body or appearance that leads to lustful and sexual thoughts that you entertain in your mind. You are forbidden. You are reserved for the joy of your husband.

Once you see something, you cannot unsee it.

Jesus said in Matthew 5:27-28, “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

Jesus’s solution: Tear your eye out and throw it away.

Men: How many women have you lusted after or seen naked? That is how many times you have cheated on your wife.

What causes a married person to lust after or flirt with a person who is not their spouse? Selfishness and stupidity.

Our culture, for the longest time, has been putting stupid in a crack pipe and blowing it into the face of the church. There are Christians who can’t seem to understand anything the Bible says. They are not walking in obedience, application, or walking by faith because they are suffering from secondhand stupidity.

There is this idea within the church that to introduce change into the culture, you have to become like the culture. How incredibly stupid is that?

You can’t help someone out of the same trap that you are caught in.

vs 11-12 Joseph fled. He ran away from sexual temptation.

1 Corinthians 6:18 – Paul even tells us to flee – to run from sexual immorality.

Do not for one second think that you are stronger than the pull of sexual immorality. If you can’t walk away from a bag of Oreos or a remote control, do you really think that you will survive by messing around with sexual immorality? You have to run from it.

For the longest time in churches, all we heard was that we should not have sex outside of marriage, we should not push the envelope in a relationship to see how far we can go, we should not lust after or view porn.

Why? Because the Bible says so. Isn’t that the answer that you would most likely get?

I want to present another one to you.

When you choose to not engage in any form of sexual immorality, you are denying yourself immediate pleasure that will not satisfy for a later pleasure that will bring you returning pleasures and joy.

When you choose to not engage in any form of sexual immorality and pursue Christ, you are demonstrating the gospel. You are showing the world that Christ is infinitely better than porn, lust, cheating, flirting, a magazine, catalog, or screen.

When you pursue Christ instead of sexual immorality you are putting to death the desires of the flesh.

You are not stronger than sexual immorality. Christ is. Run from sexual immorality and run to Christ.


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