4 Tools To Help You Point Your Kids To Jesus

10996524_10152675597930988_2764282885840696316_nIt is no secret that I believe that the man is the pastor of the home. You have a unique God-given role by being the husband of your wife and the daddy of your kids. Your family will follow your leadership to the degree that you follow Jesus. When your wife knows that you are seeking God for what is best for your family, she will be more likely to follow when she knows that you are surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus.

Dads love their kids and the two greatest things that you can do is pray for your kids and love them the way Jesus loves you…unconditionally.

Your family will be the greatest disciples that you make.

Sometimes life gets hectic and while it is no excuse, there are times when we miss those precious moments around the Bible with our family.

You do not have to worry. There are some really good tools to help you point your kids to Jesus.

Here are 4 Tools To Help Point Your Kids To Jesus:

  1. 10270432_10152424308530988_3321327229636308303_nThe Jesus Storybook Bible: This is one of the most incredible Bibles for kids that I have seen. We bought it for our boys because Jesus is in every story. There are no chapters and verses. Kids love the Jesus Storybook Bible. You will read it over and over with your kids. They will love the pictures as well as hearing you read the stories and talking about Jesus with them.






Pic from Flickr by Global Panorama

Pic from Flickr by Global Panorama

2. Netflix: My wife and I decided that cable was getting too expensive and the quality of family programming was going down the drain. We did some research and decided that Netflix was a good alternative. We switched over and have not looked back. We are very grateful for the amount of gospel centered shows and movies that is available on Netflix. Pure Flix has really good movies available on Netflix. My boys love Veggie Tales. They even watch Veggie Tales in the House which is made strictly for Netflix. I love Netflix because my family can watch Veggie Tales together or watch another family friendly movie and then we can talk about it together. Kids learn quickly. I want to use every tool available to point them to Jesus.


3. 205966_459537177419306_1564140978_nThe Gospel Project for Kids: If you would rather do a Bible study with your kids, I highly recommend this Bible study. LifeWay had done a wonderful job at making the Bible understandable for kids of any age. They even have a Bible study for preschoolers. What drew me to this Bible study the most, is the fact that you can buy kits that come with CDs or DVDs, cards, and coloring or activity books for the kids. I am a firm believer that a kid is never too young to learn about Jesus.






4. youtube-344106_1280YouTube: There is a lot of questionable content on the Internet and you should be mindful of what your kids are watching. With YouTube, you can monitor what your kids are watching to an extent. It is understandable that you may not have the time every time to sit down and watch videos with your kids. However, you can build your kids a playlist and if they are young enough like my boys, you can tell them that is their own special link and you can put whatever videos you are comfortable with your kids watching in your playlist. YouTube has good quality videos for kids. You can watch The Jesus Storybook Bible videos, Veggie Tales, and other very good Christian and family content. All you have to do is type what you are looking for in the search bar and scroll until you see something that you like. We also let our boys watch some Lego, Batman and Mickey Mouse cartoons. We have a Wii and my boys are able to watch YouTube on our TV. They have fun and we get to monitor the videos that they watch. It is very much a win/win all around.

What other tools do you have that you use to point your kids to Jesus. I would like to know. Share your thoughts on Facebook.

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