Childlike – Depth Perception

I distinctly remember when my son was learning to walk. He stumbled alot. He tripped and ran into things. He could not navigate through the house well without falling.

Pic from Flickr by Raymond Echeverswithout trips and bumps.

The main reason is because he had trouble telling how far away an object really was. For parents, it is much easier to not run into the dishwasher or the refrigerator. Toddlers don’t have a lot of depth perception.

A lot of people in the church have a problem with depth perception. They really think that they are more spiritually mature than they actually are.

They incorrectly assume that time reflects maturity. In other words, the longer one has been a Christian, the more maturity they have. This is not exactly true.

One can become a Christian at an early age and without proper discipleship, they do not mature. It is very possible that a person can be a Christian for 50 years and never mature spiritually out of a child state.

This becomes a tragedy. People that have never been discipled do not know what it is like to make disciples. You cannot make disciples if you yourself are not one.
These undiscipled people may attend concerts, conferences, and be at church for every service on the calendar. However, if they do not know what it looks like to need the gospel in everyday life, what good is that? They pray for opportunities to share their faith but when the opportunity arises, they fail to speak words of life.
Churches have a need for leadership but the disconnect remains. For too long the church has thought that any person that can read a book, can teach a small group. Really? The ability to read gives you the right to speak on spiritual matters? These undiscipled people in a traditional church setting become leaders, teachers, deacons, committee members and so on.
If these people have the spiritual maturity of a child, they will make spiritual decisions like a child. That is dangerous when it comes to making decisions for a church.
There is a great need for the church to bring back discipleship.
We are on a journey together. We laugh together, weep together, celebrate together. We are a family. We need each other so that we can grow together to become everything that Jesus says that we are. If you don’t have a mentor, find one. Then become one. We can learn from each other.
Discipleship is a must. We live in a broken world. The world needs Jesus.
We are commanded by Jesus to go and make disciples. A disciple makes disciples that make disciples.
You cannot make disciples if you yourself are not one.