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FaithPoint Logo 1Greetings FaithPoint!

We had a wonderful Easter experience. I am so glad that you were able to be a part of it.

This coming Sunday, we will be launching a new series. I hope that you are able to join us. Invite your friends and family.

FaithPoint Men: Do not forget that we will be meeting at McDonald’s this coming Sunday at 9am to discuss the next chapter in Dude’s Guide to Manhood.

I look forward to seeing you all at our Wednesday night gathering.

Here are the notes from our Easter gathering:


The text for this FaithPoint Easter sermon comes from Philippians 3:1-12. The title of this sermon is: To Know Christ.

Trials have a way of pushing you towards Christ or away from Christ. It is all in how you react to the trial.

Trials are like knuckleballs.

Life has a way of throwing knuckleballs at you. A knuckleball is difficult to judge. By the time you have made your judgement call on it, you probably judged wrong and your swing results in a strike against you.

So, what is a knuckleball?

  • loss of a job
  • miscarriage
  • cancer
  • death in the family

When Luke was born, he was not breathing well. After Mommy kissed him, we were taken to the room where they wash them up and weigh them. I was asked to leave. I was not told why. They just told me to go back to the room. The next time I saw Luke, he was hooked up to a couple of machines. He was on oxygen and monitors. We were not allowed to hold him. I got on Facebook and asked friends to pray for Luke. This year, Luke turns 3.

I will tell you what I believe happened. Jesus, who John 1 says is the Creator of the universe, looked down at His creation (and like it says in Genesis) breathed the breath of life in Luke’s lungs. I believe the machines monitored him and the nurses pumped him with oxygen but they did not cause Luke to breathe. Jesus did.

A god who was dead could not do that.

The tomb is empty.

Philippians 3:1-12

vs 1 Rejoicing is a theme for Paul. Paul is in prison writing to the church in Philippi about rejoicing. No matter your circumstances, you will always have reason to rejoice in the Lord.

same – Philippi is a church that Paul planted. What is the “same things” that he is talking about? Jesus and the gospel. He has no trouble talking about Jesus and the gospel. He is never tired or bored with Jesus. He never runs out of things to say. He is always going to talk about Jesus. He is always going to talk about the gospel.

We have one drum and we are going to bang that drum over and over and over.

We are a One Hit Wonder.

We are always going to point you to Jesus. Why? It is safe for you.

It is good for you to hear the same truths over and over. It is good to be reminded of grace and mercy. To be encouraged as you walk through the process of sanctification. It is good to be pointed to the application of Scripture and to Jesus and the gospel.

It is safe which means that it keeps you from wandering down the rabbit hole chasing after false teachers and false doctrines that are only designed to lead you away from the truth that is found only in Jesus.

vs 2 Dogs. A derogatory word aimed at those who would take the truths of Scripture and rip and tear them to shreds to make it easier to digest. Paul groups dogs, evildoers and mutilators of the flesh together and tells the church to look out for them. You will know a tree by its fruit.

vs 3 You have been marked by Christ. The mark of a Christian is that the Holy Spirit lives in you and you constantly pursue Jesus.

No confidence in the flesh.

vs 4-6 Paul lists his accolades that make him great or why he could be confident in himself.

He accounts all of that as loss.

vs 7-9 We glory in Jesus not in any of our abilities. We understand that anything we are good at is a gift from God and we honor Him by how we use those gifts. God gave us our abilities. Anything we have earned or gained is loss compared to Jesus.

What is of surpassing worth?

  • metal rusts
  • bricks break
  • houses are constantly needing to be repaired
  • buildings collapse
  • cars die
  • information constantly changes
  • technology advances
  • people die

Nothing is of surpassing worth except knowing Christ Jesus. I love my family and as much as I love them, they pale in comparison to knowing Jesus.

Found in him: spiritually united to Christ. Therefore, those who are spiritually united to Christ are found not guilty before God who is our divine judge. Paul, in his past, had trusted in a righteousness of his own that came from his obedience to the law. That was before he understood that a right standing before God only comes through faith in Christ.

God imputes Christ’s lifelong record of perfect obedience to the person who trusts in Him for salvation. When we eventually stand before God, God will see Christ’s obedience belonging to the person who trusted in Him. That person then stands before God not as guilty but as righteous.

vs 10-11 The goal of trusting in Jesus is to know him. To enter into a personal relationship with Jesus and to know the power of His resurrection. This is the power that Christ exerts from the right hand of God.

This power is made known as the believer also shares the same kind of sufferings as Jesus.

1 Peter says that we identify with Christ, when we go through times of suffering.

Those who do suffer with and for Christ will attain the resurrection of the dead.

vs 12

I should want to pursue Christ because He has made me His own!