Why I Love Platform University

oeBkTwYDo you have a person in your life that you highly respect?

For me, that person is Michael Hyatt. I have been following Michael for a few years now and I try to read, watch, listen or download anything that Michael does.

When you want to learn something new, you want to learn from the best. I believe that Michael is the best at what he does.

He has never signed a book for me, invited me to his house for dinner, or had coffee with me at Starbucks but…

I consider him to be my mentor.

Michael created Platform University. You can join at platformuniversity.com 

If you are a person with something to say or sell, Platform University can help you get your message out by cutting through the mediocrity and the noise.

I am a pastor. I genuinely believe that Platform University can help me get my message out. I believe that Platform University can help me learn what I need to learn to get people to join me at my homebase – this blog.

Creating quality content, being consistent with that content and engaging people is all part of building your platform.

Platform University invites people who are experts in their field to come in and share their stories. You get to learn from people who started out just like you and have created platforms that give them permission to speak into people’s lives. You get to learn what they did to get to where they are now.

Platform University allows you to move freely throughout the site and park wherever you want to. I like to hangout in the Masterclass and Backstage Pass sections. I have learned a lot from there. My next plan is to visit the forums and meet people who are currently building platforms and learning from what they have done and how they are applying what they have learned from being a part of Platform University.

You will notice that Platform University uses video as its main medium to deliver information. I have seriously considered using video on this blog because it seems that video helps capture people’s attention. Video may just be what I need to try when I have a blog that is longer than 500 words.

There is also a section that I recommend called Platform Makeovers. This section shows people that have gone through very nice platform transformations and it is encouraging to think if they can do it so can I.

I cannot imagine how anyone could not benefit from Platform University. If you are a blogger, writer, speaker, leader, or entrepreneur you should really give it a look.

I hope to see you there.