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FaithPoint Men, do not forget that we are meeting this coming Sunday at 9:00 am at McDonald’s. We will be discussing chapter 11 of Dude’s Guide to Manhood.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night at our Wednesday gathering.

The text for this sermon comes from 1 Kings 19:19-21. The title of this sermon is: Live with Abandon. This is week 3 in our series: We Are FaithPoint.


You cannot be a person of faith and be passive. Faith compels you to action. James 2:17 says that Faith without works is dead.

This means that saying that you have faith means that you act upon it. You have to move. You can’t stand still.

2 Corinthians 5:7 says, “For we walk by faith and not by sight.” Other than being a verse that is plastered on a coffee cup or a bumper sticker, this verse defines what it means to be a disciple.

We walk by faith and not by sight.

Faith requires obedience. You cannot be disobedient and say that you have faith. In fact, your level of faith determines your level of obedience.

What I love about this is that there is no how. There is no method or instruction or cookie-cutter cutout that shows you exactly to obey God by acting upon faith.

Because we are all in different places in our spiritual journey, it is a good thing for us to come alongside each other and help others see what it looks like to be obedient as we walk by faith.

Walking by faith:

  • for Noah it meant building the ark when there was no rain
  • for Joshua it meant walking around the wall of Jericho
  • for David it meant facing Goliath
  • for Moses it meant going to Pharaoh
  • for Esther it meant marrying a king and talking to him on her people’s behalf when it could have gotten her killed
  • for Job it meant holding fast to God even when he lost everything
  • for the early church it means sharing their faith in the midst of persecution

In 1 Kings 19, we are introduced to Elisha. We pick up on where God is calling Elisha to the ministry. Elijah is directed to a farm where Elisha has 12 oxen and he is plowing his field. Elijah walks over, puts his cloak on Elisha’s back and walks away. Elisha knows immediately that God has chosen him to learn from Elijah and become His prophet. Elisha runs up to Elijah and tells him that he has to take care of something before he leaves. What happens next is nothing short of extraordinary.

Elisha goes back to the farm. He builds a bonfire with the yokes and the plow. He finds a pot, kills the 12 oxen and makes beef stew. Then he follows Elijah.

Elisha is making a massive statement here.

God has called him. There is no turning back.

Elisha just destroyed any chances of him ever returning to his previous life. There is no plow, no oxen. There is no job for him to go back to…ever. He is following God. He is all in.

Why do Christians pray for boldness, courage, wisdom and discernment but live a life that does not demand boldness, courage, wisdom, or discernment?

When you live by sight, you are easily distracted. When you live by sight, you have a tendency to operate out of what makes you afraid. You are not living by faith. You are living by fear.

Why do Christians hold so tight to their past life instead of living with abandon? When are we going to realize that when Jesus calls us to follow Him it is either all or nothing.

There is no going back.
Faith is: Not knowing what the future holds but knowing the One who holds the future.

I love my church!

Pastor Jimmy