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FaithPoint Logo 1Good morning FaithPoint!

This coming Sunday will begin our new series, Heroes. There is a video on our FaithPoint Facebook page to get you pumped up for it. We want this to be enjoyable and fun. This is your opportunity to sport your best superhero gear. Break out your t-shirts, costumes, shoes, coffee cups, action figures…this is going to be a fun series that shows us that all heroes regardless of their flaws are designed to point us to Jesus.

FaithPoint Men, this coming Sunday will mark the first Sunday of our new book discussion Multiply by Francis Chan. I am excited about this book discussion. I look forward to our time of fellowship and discussion. I will see you at McDonald’s this coming Sunday at 9am.

Did you know that June 5, will mark FaithPoint’s 4 year anniversary? We want to celebrate together as our FaithPoint family. This coming Sunday, June 7, there will be a cookout at my house as we fellowship and reflect on our time together over what God has done in our lives over the past four years. We look forward to your stories.

Here are the sermon notes from yesterday:

The text for this sermon comes from Psalm 119:10-40. The title for this sermon is: Passion For The Word of God.

Charles Spurgeon preached a sermon on the Bible in March of 1855. In his sermon, he said this:

“Most people treat the Bible very politely . They have a small pocket volume, neatly bound; they put a white pocket-handkerchief round it and carry it to their places of worship; when they get home, they lay it up in a drawer till next Sunday morning; then it comes out again for a little bit of a treat, and goes to chapel; that is all the poor Bible gets in the way of an airing. That is your style of entertaining this heavenly messenger. There is dust enough on some of your Bibles to write “damnation” with your fingers. There are some of you who have not turned over your Bibles for a long, long while, and what think you? I tell you blunt words, but true words. What will God say at last? When you shall come before him, he shall say, “Did you read my Bible?” “No.” “I wrote you a letter of mercy; did you read it?” “No.” “Rebel! I have sent thee a letter inviting thee to me; didst thou ever read it?” “Lord, I never broke the seal; I kept it shut up.” “Wretch!” says God, “then, thou deservest hell, if I sent thee a loving epistle, and thou wouldst not even break the seal; what shall I do unto thee?” Oh, let it not be so with you. Be Bible-readers; be Bible-searchers.”

What saddens me more than anything else…

  • more than homeless people
  • more than people that don’t have clean drinking water
  • more than deadbeat dads
  • more than broken marriages
  • more than churches that close their doors.

What saddens me more than all of these things is this: people that call themselves Christians and do not believe the Bible.

The stuff that I have read on Facebook, seen on TV, or heard said in person by people who say they are Christians is mind blowing (not in a good way).

  • Telling people to follow their heart – have you heard of total depravity. Romans 3:10-13, Jeremiah 17:9
  • Telling people that it is okay to lie or deceive someone as long as it works out to their benefit. Have they not read what Revelation says about liars?
  • Telling people that homosexual marriage is okay because you should not deny a person from being who they truly are. Have they read Romans?
  • Parents who have said that they care more about their child’s college education and making a living than they care about where their child will spend eternity.
  • Telling people that sex without being married and living with someone is fine as long as you love them because you need to test the waters.
  • Saying that it is perfectly fine for a woman to have a baby without being married.

Not once in any of these situations, have I heard anyone, in the advice that was given offer these solutions:

  • applying the gospel to their situation
  • read and study the Bible
  • talking to their pastor
  • pointing them to Jesus

Is that all the Bible is to us? An app on our phones or a book that sits on our coffee table that we only use on Sunday mornings?

Are we as Christians that ignorant of the Bible?

Are we in rebellion and willing to pervert the Bible or reject to gain popularity with our ever-increasing secular culture?

Maybe we are afraid of being called names:

  • dogmatic
  • Calvinist
  • Bible-thumper
  • good little Christian
  • Jesus Freak

Look at what Isaiah 5:20-25 says.

May that not be said of us. May we love God’s Word. May we know without a shadow of doubt that being in His Word is like being in His presence. May it bring us joy. May we have a burning passion for His Word. His Word is truth. May we hunger and thirst after His righteousness.

May our hearts be kindled with the words of David so that they will come ablaze with want and desire for God’s Word.

Psalm 119:10-40.

There are three key elements here that we can apply instantly to our sanctification journey. These three things will help us progress and grow as we mature to becoming more like Christ.

  1. David asks God to teach him His statutes.
  2. David tells God to make him understand the way of His precepts.
  3. David asks God to incline his heart to His testimonies.

It is evident by reading through this portion of Psalm 119 that David knew that his heart was easily led astray. There are things that can easily distract him from focusing on what God wanted to do in him and through him.

We need to understand that the words law, statutes, testimonies, commandments, rules, precepts, and word are all interchangeable in Psalm 119.

Following David’s lead, we can learn how to apply these three things.

  1. We ask God to teach us. The only way to learn something that you do not know is to ask questions. There is no greater teacher than our Heavenly Father. By asking him to teach us, He will provide revelation to us through His word.
  2. We ask God to make us understand. We are not naturally obedient. We are rebellious children at heart. Our selfish desires keep us from wanting to obey Scripture or even growing in our own sanctification process. It is safe to say that we are stubborn. This is what I love about asking God to make us understand. The Holy Spirit lives in every Christian. The same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead has the power to reach into our minds, (in the midst of our rebellion and stubbornness) and change our minds to understand the Scripture. He can make us understand.
  3. We ask God to incline our hearts to His word. This is wonderful. This goes beyond imagination. We are asking God, to take our hearts and mold them and shape them to look like His word. We want our lives to look like the Bible. The Bible shows us that we are to glorify God in all we do, progress in our obedience to Him so that we may look like Jesus and love others. By asking God to incline our hearts to His word, we will begin the process of having our lives molded and shaped to look like the Bible.

I am praying these things for FaithPoint. I am praying that God would teach us, make us understand, and incline our hearts to obedience.

Join me in praying these things for our church.


Pastor Jimmy