Podcast University

2672276182_4b3dca6728_bJohn Maxwell said, “Leaders are readers.” There is truth in that. The reason being is because leaders know that you can never stop learning.

It doesn’t matter how many degrees you have. The degree is not the end. Consider it the start of a new chapter.

So, I would like to add to Maxwell’s quote. Leaders are lifelong learners.

The more you learn, the better you can lead.

We are six months into our journey. Now is not the time to quit. Keep going. Keep pushing. Press on. The train will continue. There are no stops. There are no detours.

The summer months are usually a time for people to kick back, put their books down, put personal and spiritual growth on the back burner and not think twice about it. It is almost as if people put their life on autopilot for the summer.

Not us.

If you don’t have time to read, it doesn’t mean that you have to hang up continuing to learn. I have found audio books to be enjoyable. Audible is a good place for audio books and the subscription is optional. Amazon also has a new subscription service for the Kindle. It is called Kindle Unlimited. Audio books are now included in the Kindle store.

Let’s not forget your Bible app. Did you know that your Bible app will read to you? Most Bible apps have an option for you to choose to have the Scripture read to you. You can listen to Scripture anytime you like.

I also like to include podcasts in my learning toolbox. I use Podcast Addict as my podcast app. I plug my phone into the jack on my radio and our family van becomes a rolling podcast university.

I want to share with you my top podcasts for leadership, and growth.

  1. This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt
  2. What the Speak with Bryan Kelly
  3. The Ordinary Pastor with Cody Almanzar
  4. Build Your Tribe with Chalene Johnson
  5. The Catalyst Podcast by the people that do the Catalyst conference
  6. The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast
  7. The Art and Business of Public Speaking with Ken Davis
  8. The Perry Noble Leadership Podcast
  9. The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast
  10. The Church Leaders Podcast
  11. The Art of Work by Jeff Goins
  12. Dad Life Rules by KC Proctor

I hope that you find some of these podcasts enjoyable. I would like to know what podcasts you listen to. What podcasts would you recommend for me to add to my podcast arsenal? I am interested in learning what you have to say. Let me know on Facebook.