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Summer is the time when people take vacations. They take a break from work and other obligations. However, statistics also show that people use the summer months to take a break from God. This may or may not be intentional but it is a sad statistic. Some of the ways that people take a break from God is:

  • They stop praying. This does not mean just at mealtime or bedtime but at all.
  • They stop giving.
  • They stop living on mission.
  • They don’t read their Bible.

Summer is not the time to check out. Just because summer is lax and there are fun trips to take and cookouts to go to, don’t neglect time with your Heavenly Father or your church family.

The summer months make it easy to get distracted. We need our church family to continue to push us towards Christ. We are all on this journey together. We need each other to spur us on to obedience.

Here are the notes from Week 4 of our series Heroes:

The title of this sermon is: There Is A Different Way To See. The text for this sermon is from Hebrews 11.

Sight. It is foundational to our way of life. Without it, we feel helpless, lost. Sight can also be a crutch. We have depended upon it for so long that it influences the decisions that we make. In your mind’s eye – it is easier to make a decision, if you can see it, it is logical, it makes sense.

However, to truly embrace the life that God has called us to live. We need to see the way that God sees. This involves a reshaping of the way you think. Yes, it is possible to change how you think but only God can transform your mind to become the mind of Christ.

1 Corinthians 2:13-16

Faith defies logic. God asks you to do things that are awkward, challenging, and virtually impossible. It won’t make sense in your head. But you walk by faith and not by sight. You walk by faith and not by your degree. You walk by faith and not by your logic. You walk by faith and not by your own conventional wisdom. You walk by faith.

Hebrews 11:1

Assurance: full confidence; freedom from doubt; certainty; boldness; freedom from insecurity

Conviction: a fixed or firmly held belief

Based on Hebrews 11:1 would you say that you live by faith.

Daredevil is blind. His other senses are so in sync that it is like he can see. To see the way that God wants us to see – walk by faith, we must see in a way that goes beyond human limitations.

When you are blind, your other senses jump in to fill in the gap of not having sight. Faith helps you to see beyond “right now.” Faith helps you to see beyond the “big picture.” Faith helps you to see the “God picture.”

When you have the mind of Christ. You are not bound by the wisdom and logic of this world.

When you get knocked down, faith gets you back up.

When you are about ready to give up, faith causes you to persevere.

When you are tired, faith allows you to find peace beyond understanding in the arms of your Shepherd.

Faith is the conviction that your life is hidden in Christ in God. You cannot lose your salvation.

When you doubt, faith is the assurance that everything in the Bible is true.

Faith helps your mind match up with what Christ has already done in your heart.

Faith does not make room for compromise. Jesus died for all of your sins not just part of them.

You might make compromises at work to keep on schedule or you might make compromises with your family. However, God does not allow for compromises when it comes to obeying His commandments. A compromise in your spiritual journey is a step back instead of a step forward.

  1. 5-8, vs 17-19, 24-38

Obedience is a product of faith. Another way of saying that is: Faith causes you to be obedient.

How amazing would it be for us to do something just because God said. We know with our whole being that God would not hurt us or lead us astray. We know that God will deliver us from temptation and evil. We know that God has everything planned out for His glory and our good.

We are living in a time where what once was good is now evil and what once was evil is now good.

There are even some churches who have elected to only obey certain parts of the Bible and not the whole Bible.

That is devastating. Pray for them.

I am praying for every member of FaithPoint.

You cannot force anyone to change. You can only show them the path.

You cannot force anyone to want to be discipled or make disciples.

We are on this path together. Let’s embrace the truths and commands of our Redeemer King. Let’s walk by faith and focus on the Bible and be blind to the distractions around us.

I want to help make you into the disciples that Jesus wants you to be. You are not alone in this journey. There are some things that you need to be challenged with and wrestle with. It is a process that you must go through if you are to make a disciple out of anyone else.

You will never arrive. Discipleship is never over.

You never stop learning. You never stop growing.

It is never too late to start.

My vision for FaithPoint is that not only will you be mature in Christ, you will be a person of whom the world was not worthy.