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We had a wonderful time yesterday celebrating one salvation and celebrating the newest member of FaithPoint. I do believe that God is working in our church to change our city and state. I cannot wait to see more lives changed because of you. Stand firm, be strong and courageous, keep watch, and remain obedient. We are disciples that make disciples.

Yesterday was week 5 in our Heroes series.

Here are the notes from the sermon on Sunday:

The text for this sermon is: Romans 1:18-32. The title of this sermon is: Made In America.

Captain America was a hero during World War 2. The Red Skull tries to make his escape on a plane and Captain America chases him down. The plane crashes and Captain America is cryogenically frozen. He is found by SHIELD and revived.

Captain America has problems adjusting to life 60 years from the time that he was frozen. He realizes that the enemy is different, technology is different, the way people live is different, everything is different. The world that exists now is very different than the one that he was used to. The world that made Captain America does not exist anymore.

Think about it. In less than 30 years, a drastic shift has taken place in our culture. What we have now is a culture that no longer has any morals or values. The America that existed 30 years ago does not exist now.

As time passes, what is revealed by our culture is what is truly in the hearts of people.

John Calvin called this total depravity.

The effect of the fall upon man is that sin has extended to every part of his personality — his thinking, his emotions, and his will. Not necessarily that he is intensely sinful, but that sin has extended to his entire being.

The unregenerate (unsaved) man is dead in his sins (Romans 5:12). Without the power of the Holy Spirit, the natural man is blind and deaf to the message of the gospel (Mark 4:11). This is why Total Depravity has also been called “Total Inability.” The man without a knowledge of God will never come to this knowledge without God’s making him alive through Christ (Ephesians 2:1-5).

Romans 1:18-32

What is happening now is that a wedge is being driven between Christianity and culture. True disciples are wanting to grow closer to Christ and the culture wants to get further away.

vs 18 God’s wrath will be poured out on all sin, all ungodliness, all unrighteousness. This includes people who by their sin suppress the truth.

vs 19-20 All people are without excuse. God has revealed Himself through creation.

vs 21-23 It is plain that God is the Creator. However, people refuse to acknowledge or admit to knowing about God and wanting a relationship with the Creator of the Universe. So, they became futile, stupid in their thinking. Their foolish hearts were darkened.

Claiming to be wise: evolution, the media, culture

Anything that you give higher honor or glory to or what you attribute value to more than your Heavenly Father is an idol. If you worship anything other than Him, the Bible says that you are a fool.

Like Paul, I am a Christian first and an American second.

The Bible says that while I am to submit to the law of the land, our culture and government has drawn a line in the sand. You have to choose sides.

I fear God more than I fear a government, a president, or a court.

When the government goes against what God has said, my allegiance is to God.

Our culture prides itself on distancing itself from the Biblical foundations that it originally established itself on. The decisions that have been made by our courts, government and culture are only bringing to light the truth in Romans.

We have been given a mission. We must continue to share the gospel and pray that Jesus will change our cities and states and ultimately change our country. The gospel changed the city of Ephesus. I don’t see why if we pray and continue to talk to people about Jesus, that the same thing cannot happen today.

I Love My Church!

Pastor Jimmy


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