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Pic from Flickr by: The Dark Angle

Pic from Flickr by: The Dark Angle

Have you ever been provoked in your spirit?

You know what I mean, right? It is that thing inside you that gnaws at you. It starts off as just an idea and then it begins to take over. It does not go away.

The idea becomes the very thing that you cannot stop thinking about. It is almost like it has grafted itself into you and become a part of you. You are now consumed by it. You are compelled to do something about it.

This is called vision.

I believe that part of the vision that God has given me for FaithPoint includes making mature disciples that make disciples.

There has to be a plan to accomplish this.

I am going to need your help. I will explain a little later.

The blog posts will continue. I am on this journey with you and I am not going to leave you hanging. However, look for some new additions.

Some people have asked that I incorporate video into my blog posts. I am going to take some time and explore that and see what I can create that will help you in your spiritual journey.

I have been talking with some people who have been encouraging me to take my sermon notes and turn them into ebooks. I hope to have one for you by Christmas.

Here is where you come in:

I want to disciple as many people as possible. I have tried group discipleship on Facebook in the past and it didn’t go well. So, after some thought, I plan on launching an individual discipleship time. I will work directly with you and help you grow spiritually as well as help you learn how to make disciples as part of the command that Jesus gave us. If this goes well, this might turn into a paid course that more people will be able to benefit from.

You will get:

  • access to all blog posts and videos through this page, your email if you sign up to receive email updates from this blog, or you can find blog posts on my new Facebook page (The link will be at the bottom of this post.)
  • questions answered and you can talk to me through Facebook messenger
  • Google Hangouts – we will schedule time to work individually once a month and there will be other times where you are invited to a group Hangout
  • We will discuss how to apply Scripture and the gospel to all areas of life.
  • We will discuss some things like Church History, doctrine and theology, why it is important and why you should care about it.
  • We will also do some book discussions. Books will help you grow if you read the right ones.
  • We will also have Theology and Film. I will ask you to watch a movie and then we will discuss how it is relevant to our spiritual journey.

To have access to this individual discipleship time, I am going to limit the number of individuals to 12. To be one of the first, just go to my Facebook page and comment under this post saying that you want in. I will contact you through email or Facebook messenger. Just let me know the best way to contact you.

Next: If you, your organization, school, club, or church has an event, I would love it if you click on the link to the speaking page and read it. I would love to be able to be on site at your event to preach/speak and help point more people to Jesus.

Technology has made it easier to connect with each other and I want to use it to edify and equip you and glorify Christ.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Pastor Jimmy


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